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i'll go ahead and say the whole story. it was the first days of February/2012 that i received a call from a lady with a deep south Asian's accent( Indian accent) that was advertising Nuera telecom services. so she asked me if we make long distance calls and i gave her two countries, Iran and Afghanistan. she went on and gave me this two rates for any cell or land line, 3 cent per minute for Iran and 8 cent per minute for Afghanistan. since, these rates were great and could save my parents a lot of money i accepted and gave her my credit card number to take 38.95 for security deposit. before, i asked her if the company is Canadian based or american or is it located in any other country. the answer was, yes sir the company is Canadian and our office is located in Quebec. at the end she gave me another offer and it was this:' if you bring me 4 customers to take the service with the same rate as you got, ill give you one number to call to any of your countries to call unlimited for free . wow, that was just a great offer but i didn't pay attention that much. honestly i didn't know anything about this company and the only thing that made me to sign up was that the security deposit was refundable and she gave me 2 dollars free to call any of those countries at the beginning of every month. she also said that i will get a paper statement every month and before hanging up she revealed a secret. she said, " sir, this rate that i am giving you is only for employees but since you are my customer i offer it to you so after i hang up somebody else from our office is going to call you and tell you that the rate for the country you chose is 23.5 cent per minute, just say yes and confirm it and don't worry about the rest because your bill is going to come from under my hands and you will get my rates not what they say", i started asking her more and she just pushed me so much until i completely signed up and yes another person called and he told me the rate and confirmed the account .a

after one day another person with the same south Asian accent called and said "sir, ill give your 5 minutes free to call to Afghanistan if you give me 3 numbers of your friends and family friends that will to sign up with me" i just thought about it for a second and remember the lady told me that she will give me one number to call unlimited for free, so why is he offering me 5 minutes while she was giving me that offer. At the end i told him the offer that she gave me and he said no there is no such a offer and i better listen to him. he wouldn't let me hang up just like the lady but finally, i said i don't have anybody to sign up with you and thats it. he said, " sir DON'T COME LATER ASK ME WHY YOUR BILL IS TOO MUCH!! OKAYYY" in other words he warned me and hung up. I was suspicious and this suspicious motivated me to do what i had to do in the beginning, a simple search on the internet lead me to many complains similar to mine. right away, i emailed the first agent (lady) to cancel my service and refund the security deposit but she didn't reply for 2 days and after i looked up for the company's number and called them. so i called their 1800 number and interestingly, the lady behind the phone was south asian again, and i explained her the whole story more than 5 times until she said let me transfer you to my manager. i asked her to cancel my service and she agreed but i had to get charge 14 dollars for talking to Afghanistan for 25 minutes!! i explained her about the 2 dollar free time that the other agent gave me to try out every month but she said no there is not such a thing in the company and the rate i had to get charge was actually 26 cent per minutes. anyways she put me on hold 2 times for nothing just to make me tired and hang up otherwise there was no other reason for her to put me on hold. she offered me 3 dollar discount which meant that i have to pay 11 dollars but since this was scan and fruad i didn't let go. i could have buy any calling cards for $2.50 and have 30 minutes of air time with Afghanistan, so why would i pay 11 dollars for 25 minutes. It took her 40 minutes until she finally said that she is going to transfer me to her manager. once i got transferred for a while i didn't hear anything on the other side of the line and plus my cell's battery was dying and my airtime was finishing. i hung up and after a minutes the manager with the same south Asian accent called and apologized for inconvenience.i asked him to call me at my land line at 10 pm and he was yesterday Feb/9/2012 and i didn't have enough of sleep for 3 days but forced myself to stay awake until he call, but unfortunately nobody did. Meanwhile i called my bank and told them the story and canceled my feb/10/2012 at 6:50 i called them and a a guy whose name was Alexander told me that your request for cancellation was submitted yesterday and you will get back the $38.95 refunded. he said that there after he hung up i have to expect a call within 5 minutes from the cancellation department and time is now 7:45 and yet i am waiting.

Anyways, this company that was canadian based, became American based in miami. the 8 cent per minutes was offered to me, when confirmed was 23.5 cent per minute and when i called to cancel i was getting charge 26 cent per minutes. they also had connection fee which nobody said anything about it.

this American based company is so South Asian and i havent spoke to somebody that was American.the lady that took my 40 minutes of time told me " sir the agent that called you, she was calling you from Philippines and they lie to their customers to get them to sign up and then after customers find out they call and cancel and there is nothing that they can do about it, they don't have control on them."

the name of the agent called me was JASS and her email was " [email protected] "

I did a stupid job to be so nice on the phone with her but did a great job to do a small research and cancel it withing 5 days.

People do not fall into what i and some other people did.


Hafez Khalili
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Hafez

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Brampton

Category: Telecommunications


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