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Bell Canada
They never listen to you

June 03, 2011 I ordered for Bell Fiber Internet 12 Service and TV. Service was installed on June 05, 2011 and the next day I received a letter from the Building Authority mentioning that I am not allowed to affix anything to the building, and I need to remove the Satellite dish as soon as possible. I called Bell and let them know the arisen situation. They said that if Bell needs to remove the dish, they will charge $75 for that. If I remove the dish by myself, there will be no charge, though during the installation technician told me that I have 30 days to cancel the service if I don't like it. I removed the dish by myself and cancelled the TV Service, instead I started with their Home Phone.

July 04, 2011, someone from Bell called and offered a TV service without any dish. But after waiting for about a month I just got TV from Rogers, so I was not very interested. But she mentioned many good features of the service and also mentioned that I can cancel the service if I don't want that. I requested that lady to send details of the promotions, features and charges to my email. She confirmed Order # A85W55E2, and provided the number to call her back at 1-866-797-8686. She also made a temporary installation schedule on July 23, 2011 or July 24, 2011. Later I received details in my email as my per request and I found that the Monthly Charges (before tax) will be $58.00 and One time Bell TV charge will be $100.00. Whereas I started with Rogers 3 Months free with their Basic one and an additional paid channel (which was also free for 3 months) and there was no installation charge. So i called back to that given number and asked not to install TV for me. Accordingly no one came on July 23 or 24 to install TV service. But my misery started. My internet started getting disconnected. At the beginning it was couple times in a day. Later that started more frequently.

July 24, 2011 I chatted with Nimme (SCI-273918) regarding my problem and after listening the problem that agent suggested me to call to their specialists @ 1-866-797-8686. Next morning I called that number and someone assured that the problem will be taken care of. But it got worse. July 25, 2011 I chatted again with Vijayanand and mentioned that my wireless connection is hanging up, but cable works for few longer. He provided me couple suggestion to improve the situation and if nothing helped, I was advised to call to 1-866-797-8686 again.

Internet was not working at all and then July 27, 2011 my Home Phone got disconnected too. I called them and they confirmed that the next day they are going to send a technician to check. No one showed up, so on July 29th I chatted with Maheshwari (SCI-285536). I informed again that my Internet is down for 2 weeks and home phone also for 3 days and they supposed to send someone but no one showed up. There was a long weekend and I mentioned that I can survive without phone, but without Internet will be difficult. That was before 8:00 AM and then agent suggested me to call @1-800-668-6878 after 8:00AM. It was always very hard to call Bell and listen to their music for minutes and minutes and hours. But I called them at the first half of the day and someone assured me that all services would be up by the end of the day. I provided my cell number to that agent and requested him to let me know about the result. At evening when I returned home I found everything down as it was. I tried to call, the lady received the phone told that nothing can be done at this late hour and due to the long weekend, and there is no possibility to get any help for next 3 days. I was really depressed and called another support number, but the same lady received the phone and she talked like that I am bothering them as she mentioned, "Sir, if you keep calling, but no one can help you at his hour".

Everything was so frustrating that I called to terminate my Home Phone & Internet on Aug 02, 2011. Both scheduled to be terminated on September 01, 2011 @ 12:00 AM.

Still I should get the Internet back. So I called at 11:23 AM on the same day, after describing the situation I was on hold for long and suddenly I was disconnected. Called again on 7:40 PM and still the same story that I should have TV, but the conversation finally ended with that - "Someone going to let me know something within next 24 hours", but nothing happened. But as I returned home, I received another same kind of modem by mail, I don't know why they sent another modem and I really never unpacked that box.

Finally I stopped calling them and got my Internet connection from Rogers. On Aug 20, 2011 Bell again called me on my cell phone for paying Bill of $217.00. I requested that lady, as I couldn't use the Internet for long, is there any way that they can give me a discount. That lady transferred me to the Internet Dept. After describing everything to that agent, he called 5TV (I have no idea, what the hell is that), he explained them the issue, and he assured that they would be changing my account to 5TV and they will give me one month discount. Then he put me on hold, and suddenly hangs up.

I returned both of Bell Modems on Aug 19, 2011, but I received Modem Returning Request letter from them 4 times.

Payment History:

June 03, 2011; Friday - I paid - $ 56.50

July 25, 2011; Monday - I paid - $ 45.12

August 22, 2011; Monday - I paid $113.15

August 29, 2011; Monday - I paid $ 72.09

Still I am receiving bills from them. I don't know what I should do now...


Company: Bell Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario

Category: Internet & Web


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