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Gryphons Lair Restaurant
Sue Meszaros, Paula Meszaros, Procare Institute, Owner of Gryphons Lair Restaurant and Procare Institute Restaurant & College Owner SCAMS Couple Into Relocating for Bogus Job - Couple Now Homeless

Hello to all, My wife and I, up until November 15, 2012 were both professionally employed people. I worked in Research and Development as a test driver with an annual salary of 60K. My wife owned and operated a very successful Dog Daycare Centre. With a beautiful rented 3, 000sqf rented home, our ...

Tim Hortons Bagels
A couple things

Just want to let you know that this is the worst location in Chilliwack. I've had the worst service at this particular location. I went in to get a chicken snack wrap and a small iced cappuccino... and they said they were all out of snack wraps, so I just opted to get a small sandwich, ham and ...