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Bad zippers

Per my info already inputted ur zipper broke in half on my hoodie less than a season old. Please replace the now useless $100 hoodie or send me money to have the zipper fixed. Walmart high vis hoodies have better zippers!!! ...

American Eagle
Quality of product

So I bought a pair of Jeans at AE. I have to admit I fell prey to the style, they do have a nice line of clothing. Sometimes a bit preppy, but nonetheless, it is quite nice. I started wearing them, and lo and behold, after two or three times, a small tear appeared on the back pocket of the jeans. I ...

Victoria Secret
No Refund

Placed an order to Victoria Secret, received the merchandise and decided to return the products. The return information indicated that I was to return the products to Mississauga, Ontario. The products were received and a signature was obtained on November 14 2012 at Victoria Secret Mississauga. I ...