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EA Games
EA/DICE property

Hi, Please ensure a refund is done for my pre-order of BF4 China Rising DLC. I have bought and played BF3 for around a year and a half but now have a problem which no one seems to care to resolve, I have not been able to join a server in over a month now. Some of the many error messages I receive ...

EA Games
I was sold goods

I was sold goods today at a retailer in SA, https:///musica/complaints/-good-sold-at-musica-brooklyn-1149912, I then tried contacting EA as I had all the original documentation and copies of the game. EA games support basically told me to get knotted because the supplier in SA prints their stock ...

Tammy Dean Canada

The Event (Disney Scam) Orlando talent search was just in Canada this last week. My sister also stated they were in Edmonton the week prior. Be Ware! I talked with a lady named Tammy Dean. Claiming to be from the states. After much research on this company, I have found it is American Based. I ...