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Bouchon Bakery, Hudson Yards
Poorly made pastries

Bouchon bakery in Hudson Yards, NY offered horrible pastries which had flavorless custard, and bread like raspberry Danish. spend over $100 w/ friends visiting from CA. 5 ladies behind the counter, yet only two were taking orders when there was a line of 15 people waiting. I spoke to the woman ...

Hawkins Cheezies
Way to expensive

This is the second time we have bought cheapies that are rock hard. The first time we just said oh well it happens. This time we bought some for a vacation snack when we got there we made dip and got the chezzies almost broke my tooth. We took a few more bites and the same through the bag away. ...

Fruiticana/Product Price
Price Fraud

I want to let every one know that Fruticana Falcon ridge Calgary Alberta is a fraud business organization the price they display and the price they charge actually is different so many times. I don't think people check this on their bills. I noted this thing 2 times and when I reported to the owner ...