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Bad Customer Service

Tried to go through the drive-through to get breakfast this morning but got stuck behind a vehicle that seemed to be chatting to the staff member instead of ordering food. I got out of the line up, parked and went in to order. Just as I was paying for my food the same car pulled up to the window. ...

Terrble serive, terrible food

Hello There! I WAS a regular customer at the Douglastown McDonalds seeing that I am an employee at the mall just steps away. After my shift at work my boyfriend, myself and our two little girls usually go threw the drivethu honestly I don't think theres ever been a time they haven't made a ...

Tim hortons
Price Increases

I have been going to Tim Horton's in Alliston for about 10 years and have gone through some price increases along the way, but the latest increase has resulted in my husband and I not using the services at Tim Hortons at all any more. My normal order every morning was 2 Extra large decaf tea and a ...

Linn Chau Restaurant
Poor service, worse food

I've always preferred Linn Chau to other Chinese restaurants in my area, simply because they had the best Lo Mein. The other day, my family called in an order, at around five O'Clock, and they said it would be ready around quarter after five. So we actually end up hitting traffic on the way, and ...