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I am the owner (Leroy Stevens) of the website PWBA LOGISTICS. This business closed in the year 2005. I had no dealing with any of the complaints. I had only one customer. When that business dryed up, I closed the business. I dont know if someone is using my website to scam. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ...

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I had received a gift card for amazon. So on Aug 23 I ordered some running shoes from Amazon. I put in my new mailing address, as my old address was on file in my amazon account. I paid the seller $125.15 for the shoes. I never received them. I contacted amazon on Sept 1 @9am, I spoke to Mahmood an ...
Online Shopping Scam

Beware of a new online shopping website based in China. The website is The site looks legit and it's about 2 months old. After placing an order online, I received an email from the next day informing me of the successful order and order information. Didn't receive any ...