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Ethnic Voice Accord
Online Survey Cheater

Ethnic Voice Accord & their founder the Logit Group, have been ignoring my complaints & request to be connected with a supervisor for near 2 months now since I discovered $6 cash is missing from a survey I fully completed in Dec 2023 & since my last payout in April 2021 Seems to me that ...

Stolen Survey Completion money

My earned 3000-4000 online survey completing points have been stolen or '' denied'' by FeaturePoints since July 2022 with no explanations offered. Seems to me that FeaturePoints, in my own experience, not giving me 1000s of points on surveys I did spend time & attention completing yet these ...


I am the owner (Leroy Stevens) of the website PWBA LOGISTICS. This business closed in the year 2005. I had no dealing with any of the complaints. I had only one customer. When that business dryed up, I closed the business. I dont know if someone is using my website to scam. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ...