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Over the Road
No Pay

Over the road Mississauga/Richard Meyers SCAM I saw their ad on for a part time driving job, delivering small packaged for them in GTA. When i asked for the average pay, they danced around the question and never answered. I told them i will do a trial day for them to see how much i will ...

Global Premiums Exchange

Well here's another scam. I received a letter today in the mail claiming that I was located to have a 2 million 700 thousand dollars payout. All i have to do is send a cheque to the self addressed stamp and I'll recieve a cheque. Yeah right. Anyways I'm doing this because I want others to see ...


I googled a specific man and got a pop-up telling me 'this is not a joke. you are the one milklionth (I think that was the number) person and you qualify for a $1, 000. gift card'. It turned out that they wanted a lengthy count of my co-ordinates, leading to an 'activation code' at phone no. ...