Complaints and Reviews of Canadian consumers

Change of Domain Owner

With due Respect, I Request you to remove the posts regarding webinaccess credit card charge. Because now I am the owner of this Domain. And I unknowingly bought this Domain last year. I didn't know this Domain is notorious, otherwise I would never have bought it. Now as it is my property, remove ...

Barnes and Noble USA
Shady practices

ON December 27, 2020 I placed an order for a book with Barnes and Noble USA. On January 5, 2021 I received an email confirming my order with an order number and stating I would receive my order on January 5, 2021...strange. On January 13, 2021 I still had not received the order and decided to ...

Gulab Saini Canada Brampton
Gulab Saini Canada Brampton

In 1998 he was married and migrated to Canada along with his wife. On reaching in Canada he started working in a factory for the temporary settlement. After a short period he changed over to a new job in a company named “OIL CHANGERS” and worked as an emission tester for a year. In 2002, he shifted ...