Complaints and Reviews of Canadian consumers

Prestige copier solution
Customer service issue

The sale person at 11980 HWY 10 very urgu and as per his service he know all law of Canada the one guy came for lotto and he want to take refuse the ticket the sale person for wing him to buy this ticket I just told him if he not want rob it than you can cancel the ticket and serve other customer ...

Triton global
Stealing money

39.40$ added to my Koodo phone bill For what reason ??? I did not subscribe to this company or service.....Koodo tells me to contact them...I did but no reply.... If Koodo doesn't reverse the charge then I'll find another provider... This is the same as credit card fraud. ...

Co-owner of No Frills
Public Defamation?

Good evening everyone, I have been residing in Sault Ste. Marie for the past year now. I used to live in Montreal and Toronto where active lifestyles habits are more prominent. Residents commute on foot and use bicycles as second nature. Residents of Toronto and other major Canadian cities like ...