Complaints and Reviews of Canadian consumers

University of Worcester
Lucy Arnold

Lucy Arnold, an employee at the University of Worcester uses racist language towards people of Asian descent and is also hateful towards other people of colour. There has been multiple complaints by minorities against this disgusting behaviour by Lucy Arnold. ...

Ollie Case
Ollie Case

PhD student Ollie Case is alleged to have made completely inappropriate remarks to GCSE students. In keeping with his last name, Case's appalling behaviour has opened the way to investigation for gross professional misconduct. ...

Shaw direct. Ca
Reciver scam

Shaw calls you offers you 2 receivers to up grade them then a week later sut down the other 2 so now after cancer treatments I have to disconnect a receiver an move it to bed room or Florida room an then back to living room an I called they said they would send new one but know I have to pay extra ...

Complaint-review: Lastman's Bad Boy's - Gold Warranty

Lastman's Bad Boy's
Gold Warranty

HORRIBLE BUSINESS~~~~Instead of providing the Gold Warranty you buy this business does all the can to ensure they do not have to provide service - When you call the store they tell you to report all issues with your item and then when you file the claim the company says: · Claim is denied as you ...