Complaints and Reviews of Canadian consumers
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Grace Chadwick
Grace Chadwick

Grace Chadwick who is affiliated with the University of Worcester is the subject of a number of sexual harassment and assault complaints. Chadwick whilst acting as a sports coach is alleged to have inappropriately touched others, to have sent unwanted sexual messages to her victims and to have ...

Dectron Internationale Inc
Customer service

We have had a "ticket" open for 7 months trying to get Dectron to help with getting a module programmed at the factory in Quebec. Unable to reach tech support, our calls only make it to the front line phones and never get to the people we are trying to reach. Those people are either not ...

University of Worcester
Lucy Arnold

Lucy Arnold, an employee at the University of Worcester uses racist language towards people of Asian descent and is also hateful towards other people of colour. There has been multiple complaints by minorities against this disgusting behaviour by Lucy Arnold. ...