Complaints and Reviews of Canadian consumers
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Oronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital staged my dog's condition to extort money off of me. When I wouldn't comply they tortured, drugged, starved and assaulted my dog and laughed about it

On August 20th, 2022 my dog was admitted to TVEH after an episode of heat stroke. I requested that Dr. Catalano provide my dog with non-invasive oxygen therapy, fluids and absolutely no anesthesia. The doctor agreed but then drugged my dog with anesthesia and the exact drugs I told the hospital not ...

Customer service

Have to wait two weeks to receive a gift card that works, went to use mine and it doesn’t work for my needs. Was told I have to wait 14 days to be reimbursed. Garbage service and poor customer care and support. Having to wait 2 weeks for a refund of my money is awful. Esso is the worst! Super angry? ...