Complaints and Reviews of Canadian consumers
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I am the owner (Leroy Stevens) of the website PWBA LOGISTICS. This business closed in the year 2005. I had no dealing with any of the complaints. I had only one customer. When that business dryed up, I closed the business. I dont know if someone is using my website to scam. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND ...

Michelle Huard

Hi there I'm very sick person who serfer with seizure and learning disability this terrible I am behind in rent also and need money for bill and food when this give me seizure they acusee and yelled at me they said I have a car and I don't or house I just have roomate that's all this is terrible ...

Shaw Direct
Stolen equipment

Shae stole my equipment. Gave me a pin number to give to Canada Post for a return of my satellite box, they now claim that Canada post said they never recieved it. The whole point of the pin is to track the box. I don't have my tracking number as they said they have improved their system and would ...