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Titanium Visa
Money Mart Scam

Dear Consumer,

Be WARNED by myself and others that Money Mart really is just a mart for money and where do they get their money from, well YOU!!

It was referred to me that the Titanium Visa from Money Mart, may have been just what I was looking for when I was awaiting a new credit cad arrival. How wrong indeed that referral was. First of all, you must pay an entrant fee to obtain the card. There after you must make regular monthly payments from 10-15$ which does not include every transaction you use with the account. Top ups on line even come at an expense to your self... there is nothing free or conveinant about this card.

Money Mart takes the liberty of holding your money for 15 days, well let me tell you on the 15th day I gave them a ring to find out where my money was... of course at my own expense. My phone minutes and a 2$ service call. After they said the money had been released I went to the local Money Mart to withdrawal my fees... after another 2.50$ surcharge I discovered I had no money to begin with... so now I owed Money Mart even though I had lost over 400$ with them. This story is 100% true as ridiculous as it sounds. Today I am going on day 40 and I still do not have the hundreds of dollars Money Mart is holding. I do not know if I will ever receive my money as it is still showing as a negative hold on my Titanium Visa. And when I do get the money I will have to pay the monthly fees 10-15$, pay to contact them again to see where my money is 2$, then go to my local money mart and pay to withdrawal the remainder of my money 2.50$.

The part that is most frustrating is I only want the money that I have no control over and was at a time rightfully mine. Now in order for me to get the funds, hopefully one day I will be owing money mart over 20$ paying for their mistakes.

I have sent them emails with my complaint concerns and most unfortunately they have all gone unanswered, I assume this is the free service and may be the reason my emails go unanswered. I feel sorry for anyone else who was conned into this Titanium Visa, en-fact I am not even sure why visa would want to ruin their reputation with this indulgent company.

If ever posed with the question or curiosity of the Titanium Visa, PLEASE do YOURSELF a huge FAVOR and SAVE YOUR $$$$!!!

Money Mart is just a company that makes money off the money that people trustingly bring to them. I was always against that place and the UN-lucrative crowds that it lures in. Upon obtainment of my Titanium I should have taken it as a sign to leave when the mad man in there yelling at the woman through the glass was becoming more angry. I thought it to be obviously rude and slightly racist if I left the store at that moment given the fact that I thought the guy was ready to pull a knife... maybe he was only trying to obtain his funds from his VISA. On the return to collect my abyss money the scene was not much different or feeling much safer. The guy in line was so rude and impatient vocally displaying his thoughts for the mere amount of people in the establishment. Foul language, loud disturbances and sheer ignorance where witnessed while waiting in line at that facility. Let me WARN you that on these to occasions the facilities where in very different locations, provincially different locations. Some residential like areas, others, city centers areas and locations where you may have expected these things to happen where probably the safest.

I have never been one to write a complaint or a rave about anything but I think in this economy and world today, people should be saving their money and do not deserve to be swindled by a company more powerful and rich than themselves.

So in closing if something sounds to good to be true, IE: fix your temporary rental car problems, shop online like everyone else, do online purchases from the comfort of your home, take your money anywhere, travel, buy tickets, than it probably is too good to be true, especially if it is not coming from your personal bank.

Please be warned and I hope this can reach you before you commit as I had no warning.

Even after my interrogative questions I was feeling fairly ok about this somewhat immaculate purchase, now I live with regret and frustration, to the point of not caring about my hard earned dollars. In that case Money Mart WINS!!


Company: Titanium Visa

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Edmonton

Category: Business & Finance

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November 16, 2023 02:12 AM
Hey, never had any problem with my Money Mart Titanium mastercard, Maybe next time ge sure to get the Prepaid version since its easier to manage your budget and would be less frustrating for you, got it from this website if you ever want to check it out : [URL][/URL]
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