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Federal pardons canada
Ip off

I applied for a urgent pardon/waiver package over 15mths ago. Guess what still nothing, this company is a joke they don't advise you on the status of your file, they have every excuse in the books, they don't do there jobs as promise period. Heck they even lost my fingerprints for my US waiver. ...

Express Pardons
Rip Off Artists

Stay away from these incompetent boobs and scam artists!!! Let me start by saying the whole industry is a scam and all these applications can be done by yourself. The only reason i went with them is because of the sales pitch. They imply that they have inside knowledge and contacts that get the ...

Simon Hildyard

SIMON HILDYARD. This many ripped me off, lied to me every step of the way, charged me for doing 3 months worth of work when I proved that he only spent less than 24 hours on my file. I file was delivered to my home by the defendant because they said that I don't have a lawyer, I told them that I ...