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Michelle Huard

Hi there I'm very sick person who serfer with seizure and learning disability this terrible I am behind in rent also and need money for bill and food when this give me seizure they acusee and yelled at me they said I have a car and I don't or house I just have roomate that's all this is terrible ...

Ripped off by Canlaw

I was defrauded $275 from this company. I ordered a will kit and received an email with my receipt. Then a received an email with a link to download a .zip file. The file is password protected and I wasn't given the password. Upon sending an email for the password I was threatened, called a useless ...

Express Pardons
Rip Off Artists

Stay away from these incompetent boobs and scam artists!!! Let me start by saying the whole industry is a scam and all these applications can be done by yourself. The only reason i went with them is because of the sales pitch. They imply that they have inside knowledge and contacts that get the ...