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Poor customer service

My boyfriend & I enjoy going to Popeye's for a quick bite to eat but the past few times my order has been completely wrong (I was given popcorn shrimp when I simply ordered chicken stripes). Also this past Saturday we went in for a bite to eat before I had to go to work & it took 25min to ...


I bought a bunch of groceries total came to 250$, I went home and noticed immediately when unpacking that all the produce I had gotten was rotting! Cucumbers had soggy ends and white mold, same with rest of produce. Went back for exchange right away same night and wouldn't allow or help me ...

Tim hortons
Bad service

Went to tim hortons as usual today and placed an order for coffee and a hash came up to be 4.17$ wow!!! went to counter, i passed her 10 $ bill and she gave me 2 coffees, i asked for receipt right away, cuz i thought something was wrong and i told her i just ordered one coffee, to my ...

Garlic chicken

Normaly love garlic bread garlic chicken pizza, its the best, unfortunately a few days ago i bought one and i ended up biting into a bone in one of the pieces of chicken. dont know if i will ever buy delissio again, very good pizza but that was quite the turn off. ...