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Stale Cookies

I bought a box of digestive cookies with they had a .99 cents a box!!! they have tons of them and the product was well displayed; anyway, when me and my baby daughter eat one, we could not eat any. The cookies had a strong stale flavour!!! I took them back and the cashier told me that to talk to ...

Iced caps/made w/choc.milk
Not mixed properly

My husband and I travel from the Niagara Region to Georgian Bay regularly. I drink iced caps made with chocholate milk in all seasons. We stop at Tim Horton's at least 4 times in our visits (4 hr. trip each way). At least 75% of the Tim Hortons employees do not know how long to mix the iced caps. ...

Tim hortons
Night employees

The people working there at night they do not have experience there are lazy and no supervisor. They do not know how to deal with the customer. They scream sometimes I think, they have psychological problems they don't remember what they serve and charge and of course other interest asking people ...