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Tim Horton's
XL coffee

Purchased two xl coffees from Tim Horton's, had asked for a tray. I was not given a tray so instead of bothering the staff I tried to carry the 2 coffee out the door. The doors go the wrong way when going out, as the doors push inward. As I tried to open the door the cup folded in half causing ...


We have moved here to Cambridge from Ireland. we are very familiar with MacDonald's in Ireland and have always been satisfied with it. since coming to Canada we have been baffled at how badly run and organised MacDonald's are here. they have about twenty staff behind the counter, all running around ...

Coffee Pods Express
Non delivery

I also bought Coffee Pods Express deal through Dealathon. After several months of trying to contact Coffee Pods by e-mail and phone, I contacted Dealathon and they gave me a credit for my coupon. Unfortuately, I now have to go through Visa to try to get a credit for the additional costs I incurred ...