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I am also a small business owner who has recently run 2 deals back to back with dealfind. (in 2 separate cities) Like others I felt I was being pressured into terms I wasn't really comfortable with. They initially wanted me to do a 1 hour photo shoot on location and way out of my local zone. also give a bunch of prints and upto 200 images on disc. All for $29. Seriously? Anyways I managed to get the price up a bit and made some minor changes that left me feeling a bit better. So after 2 days into the first deal not many are being purchased when it comes to my attention that they have incorrectly typed my website address. No one can see my portfolio. Thats nice. Fine they fix it. 2nd deal runs a week later and my sales are much better. So far, so good. People are calling booking appointments, everyone seems happy. First couple of clients are very pleased with their photos and experience. I couldn't be more thrilled... except I still haven't been paid by dealfind.

This is where it gets fun. Until now I have had no problem getting questions answered. Suddenly now I can't get a hold of anyone. Not email, not phone. No One. Turns out the guy I was originally talking with doesn't work there anymore and totally dropped the ball on my deals. When I finally got someone on the phone I ask why I haven't been paid yet. My account shows 2 cheques have been released to me. 1st payments for 2 deals, but I haven't seen them yet. Also, I did in fact send them a void cheque for direct deposit. So anyhow, this other guy now tells me dont cash those cheques when you get them cause they will bounce. WTF? Are you kidding me? He tells me their accounts have been hacked and the police have frozen them for investigation. They had to open new accounts and issue new cheques.??? DING DING DING alarm bells are going off in my head. Now Dealfind themselves have not notified me of this. Just some sales guy I managed to get on the phone. I asked him about the direct deposit which I signed up for. He tells me the other guy didn't do it but he will and I should have my money in my account by Monday.

I politely told him it better be, and until I receive payment I am no longer honoring any vouchers. I have informed a few upcoming appointments of this (I have tentatively rescheduled them for later in the week, in hopes this all works out)

I'm a new business... and reputation is everything for me. This has the potential to really ruin me



Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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