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I am a regular at the Mcdonalds in Kingston Ont on Gardiners Street. Last night on Thursday April 5th, I was dropping in to get my usual after work meal and was shocked to see that the whole store was over run with youth. The lobby was full and there was a particully large, loud and slightly ...

Tim hortons

Orders are wrong because of bad communication skills by staff. I'm a diabetic and they put sugar in my coffee when I asked for sweetener. I had one lady trying to give Me change for a 10 when I gave Her a $20 another time they said they were out of prize cups and I seen a bunch of them by the cash ...

Tim hortons

My son has applied at Tim Horton in Whitby Ontario Canada located a Thickson and Hwy 7 multiple times within the last two years. He is now turning seventeen and has many community service hours under his belt. It seems they hire only female teenage girls not teenage boys. Why is a young girl who is ...

Ad service

A couple of months ago we went for a dinner to Ottavio's we went to the one in St Leonard One of our group found some pasta in his mussels When he complained to the server, she was very apologetic... and brought out the manager. The manager made it sound like it was our fault... All we wanted was ...