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Tim hortons
Bad Service

Almost everynight after supper I enjoy a good coffee from Tim Hortons. My boyfriend and I go to Tim Hortons and why is it that everytime we go WE GET HORRIBLE service!!! I mean we leave home spend OUR money and we dont even get a HELLO when we drive up to the window. We are tired of getting the ...

Tim hortons

I have been a twice maybe three times a day Timmies customer for almost 10 years now and recently switched to decaffinated coffee for medical reasons and am very disappointed with the quality or consistency of quality for decaf coffee. Ive always thought timmies had a 20 mins fresh standard but ...

Tim hortons
Poor Service

April 6, 2011; 11:10 am. Waited in drive through line at TH, ordered a coffee and toasted C&R bagel with butter. Moved to the window, paid, received correct change, received correct coffee, was told the bagel would be another minute. Waited three minutes (was watching the dashboard clock). Two ...