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Loud and dirty neighbours

McDonalds on Concorde sucks, we asked them over a thousand times to put a proper fence made of stones or wood but they are too cheap and they've put a plastic see through one so we hear the stupid guys coming from the Fuzzy and waking everybody up at 3 in the morning because of their stupid 24h ...

Customer Service

I had a complaint about McDonald's, and as they don't offer email addresses on their Corporate website for consumer complaints, I sent the following fax. It's been over a month now, and I have not received any sort of reply. On July 9, shortly after midnight (around 12:45) I visited one of you ...

Facility, manager, orde

Happened Tuesday, July 19th 6:25 PM: 1) 1st issue is a regular occurance and happened this night as well: Look at coupons like they are a foreign piece of paper. Coupons are not something new. McDonald's spends a fortune on advertising...why do the employees always look at them like they are ...