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Tim hortons

First I want to preface that I have NEVER written a complaint letter in my life. I worked in the hospitality industry for 15yrs and understand that you cant please everyone, all the time. However, I am so disappointed in the direction Tim Hortons is going. This is a staple of Canada where your ...

Amount charged

The normal cost of a large coffee and a muffin is $1.98. at this McDonald's, others are $1.95. You offer a small coffee special, which is free, and my large coffee at this McDonald's is now $2.06, the first time I was there was $1.75 (with special free small coffee). I asked why I paid $1.75 on ...

Unsanitary employees

I went to get myself some lunch it was around 12:30 pm. There was a girl that was wearing a black subway shirt who made my sub, she made my sub really well but at the end she rang my sub through while she was still wearing her gloves. She played with the money then turned around and started making ...