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Shaw - Alberta

Well, it all started about 2 months ago. I was on my way out to go swimming with my family. I got a call from a Sales Person by the name of James. We where with Telus and everything was just grand. We had problems with Shaw in the past and so I honestly was not interested in them again but this James guy called my house and said they are performing a "getting customer back" promotion so I was OK. He said that he could offer me all my services on their new gateway system phone Internet and TV for 124 for the first year and then it goes up a little the second year and a little more the third. I repeatedly asked him if I have to purchase any equipment and he repeatedly advised me that this is NOT a purchase. I then put him on speaker with my daughter and my husband which he also asked this over and over again. He kept repeating that this is not a purchase at all that it was lease. So I was OK it will save us some money... what he did not explain was it was a lease to own... so I got screwed.

I had the service for a month and after 3 calls to their tech support about the crappy gateway I was like wow maybe it is time to go back to Telus. Then the next day I got a bill in the mail for 1300, I was like WOW!!! I spent 7 hours between customer services reps, reps here in Red Deer, and supervisors, finally I had a supervisor say you pay us 199 for the month and a bit for service we have had problems with this sales rep, and return the hardware and we will allow you to be on your way. I am sick and can not handle this stress so I was like YAY! Someone will to help when I got duped, someone taking advantage of someone on medication and fighting cancer so I was happy that it finally would be done. So I disconnected all the crappy hardware and tried to return it, and I was verbally assaulted by the lady at the counter, finally she calmed down to listen to the storey and she took the hardware, so I was like OK, now this is behind me. Then not even 5 minutes down the road, I got a call from a different rep who said that I will need to pay for the equipment... and I was like WOW, I just returned it like the supervisor told me. No No No, you have to pay for it. So I then said what you want me to go back and get it, yeah and you will then need to pay for it at that time or we wont release it. So I was like well I don't want it back well it is going to go on your credit if you don't pay for it, so I was like, why would I pay for something that does not work or that I don't want. So in the end I got duped, James got me, Calab the supervisor got me, and all the other customer service reps... so a warning to all those out there, be-careful of being lied to by Shaw and their sales reps, stay with Telus, they have far more integrity


Company: Shaw - Alberta

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Red Deer

Category: Internet & Web


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