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VANCOUVER YWCA HEALTH AND FITNESS - Am I a victim of man on man sexual harassment by staff member? Good grace I could never think that could ever happen...!

I am a Web Analyst living in West Vancouver and I was a male member of the YWCA Health and Fitness club in Vancouver for 4 years and it was a great place until a few months ago!

Over the years I spent a few thousands of dollars (training, courses, membership fee) over the years in that place and I'm being treated like sh*t!

For the last few months, each time I have used YWCA Health and Fitness facility, I have been followed around by an overzealous staff member in charge of the cleaning (janitor). This has happened every time I have used the training area or the changing room. After finishing my physical training, I go downstairs to the changing room and the cleaning man is always there, very close to my personal space with his mop. He is there with his mop when I get in the shower and when I get out. When I finish my shower he approaches me and, in front of everybody, he tells me that I should dry more because I leave wet footsteps. It’s the same behavior that repeats itself each time I use your facilities during his shift.

After six months of that, I have had it! I was a member there for 4 long years and always have a good experience but the service drastically changed.

YWCA staff member’s behaviour is blatantly intended to disturb or upset, and it is characteristically repetitive. This janitor is interpreting my conduct of “taking a shower” and walking around in a “wet area” as something that shouldn’t be done. I was clearly feeling harassed at the YWCA Health and Fitness. It happens everytime I go to training during his shift.

A few days ago, he came up to me and said: “I don’t know what more to say, I’m going to report you”. Report me for what? That guy is insane! Every time he I approaches me to make a bad comment or stares at me over the last 6 months. I am naked while changing in the locker rooms.

Am I having a bad dream or is it man on man sexual harassment????? Being staring at or making unwelcome comments while I'm naked... you go figure!

When I take a shower I dry myself up the best I can just as the majority of others do. Unfortunately since the shower floor is wet I’m always going to leave wet footsteps as everyone else in the changing rooms and it would be unreasonable to expect a completely dry floor everywhere. The big question is why is he always after me???

The big majority staff is a bunch female who cannot control what's going on in the Men's locker rooms. This male employee can feed them all sort of stories because he is the only one allowed in there.

Anyway after six months of this I made a formal complaint to the people in charge but they don't seem to quick into resolving this issue. They're more into protecting their employees!

What I also noticed is that this employee did the same thing with some other members. I can predict that they're going to experience a massive drop in membership.

And another problem is when those in charge answer to your complaint with polite formulas but nothing is really happening.

After 4 years I am cancelling my membership at the YWCA Health and Fitness in Vancouver. All those who like to be followed around by lunatic staff member staring at you naked your invited to join their wonderful program!
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Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver

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