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To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Mary Quiroz, a member of your prestige company since November 2008, located at square one. My complaints was about this woman who claims she's working in your company for 12 years now and soon to be a manager. But before anything else, Shante your sales rep from that branch was able to talk to her to ask who she really was. So she knows her name and for any information you can contact Shante.

What really happened:

That time I was taking a shower in the shower room alone, when I came out and open the shower curtain, I saw this woman still in a complete attire in front of me (meaning she's still wearing her rubber shoes, gyms clothes), going to the shower room next to mine. So before I got out, I turned off the shower, close the curtain and left my stuff and towel in the hook before going to the steam room as what I always do.

When I came back to take a shower again after using the steam room, I was surprised SHE WAS INSIDE! (when the rest of the shower was empty and not occupied) where I used the same shower room and she saw me face to face that i am already using it. My stuff was still there, meaning if she is in her right senses someones using it. From what I know she is not allowed to touch someone's stuff for the owner may think that she is interested or a thief. So I saw my stuff just laying there in the ground blocking the way, and the stool which I used to put my stuff was in another shower room (disable shower room). I wasn't going to make it a big deal, but I found out my cream was gone and I said how come you used the same shower room when you already saw and knew that I am using it. I was about to come out when you came. So I said I am going to complain you, because what you did is not right. She opened the shower curtain telling me " You know what I've been working here for 12 years, so I responded that I am going to go to the manager, and she said I am going to be the manager soon, then I replied, Okay then I want to talk to the owner. When I went out to ask for help I saw a lady who is a trainer. I asked her for help because I was in my towel attire and still soaking wet, so I can't go out yet. I was just lucky that I ask this lady who is a trainer if she can help me or if she can call someone to help me out. She told me " I am just a trainer here, but I beg her to call anyone or SHANTE, so she did what I asked of her, because I am worried that woman is going to leave without knowing her name or her identity. There is nobody to call inside, no security or police, because for an obvious reason I understand that. Then I asked another person for help who is also a member, if she can help me to call someone from your staff (the response was slow thats why I asked another help from a lady). Shante came and I told her what happened, the woman told Shante that I was pointing my finger at her, (just shocked that she knows I was already using it). When I came out after that talk she accused me of spending 10 minutes in the steam room and leaving the shower on (I can't stay in the steam room for that long). This was just her defense mechanism to cover her faults. She said to Shante that "She's not allowed to leave her stuff inside the shower room". So where do you think shall I leave my stuff then! when I am going to used the steam room and I am still going to take a shower, she said again to Shante "I thought she's leaving already". Okay let's just say that's my purpose... but if she doesn't have a bad intention then why don't she asked me or remind me that "Oh! sorry you forgot your stuff here". She didn't say anything, so I suspected she used my stuff.

What led me to these complaints is because, I am scared that this happened to me and knowing that (as what she claimed) she is working or one of the company's staff, its going to be a bad reputation in your company. She is a negative example. Even though she's a member, what she did was wrong. If I was to tell this situation to everyone that I know, how are they gonna react or response. According to that woman, I remember her saying that she is an instructor in teaching "RPM".

I am very much willing to face her again just to prove the truth. Hoping that you will take action against what she did to me, because this is ruining your reputation. From the point that I saw her in rubber shoes in the shower room, it's already wrong for the obvious reason of hygiene purposes.
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Offender: Good Life Fitness

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Mississauga
Site: [email protected]

Category: Career & Work


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