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GoodLife Fitness
Lies and cons

I was told that i have to come in by 12:00 am the night of to be able to receive the deal of the month that would be changing at midnight. The offer is that with a sign up i would receive three (3) months for free due to me already existing at another gym. So thinking that what i was told was the truth i went into the gym at 11:30 pm (the earliest i was available) and signed up. At the time the sales associate that i spoke to was not on duty but promised me that he could still get me the deal as long as i signed up on time. well a few months in once i realized good life was taking payments out of my account i started calling and no one could find out any information that would help me. good life without reason then canceled my account leaving my with a cancellation fee, a few months fees due with the additional costs of not paying on time and the overdraft balance at my local bank account. Upon contacting them there only answer is that they will call head office and call me back. There entire sales tactic is based on lies and promises that are just setups that are made possible by tricky fine print and hidden under hours of call waiting and answering machines. where's the justice, principal, or overall business concept in this over-payed, under-managed company. Also while going to said gym i asked why the shower cleanliness form at the door of the locker room that has daily logs and names to be signed and dated by the cleaner and the general manager and no one would answer my question or even propose to start filling out the information. It is my belief that this form was not used because no one was actually cleaning anything. This may be just an opinion but to back my theory up i took pictures over a few weeks that shows the progressive buildup of dirt in shower, toilet and changing areas. While all this is going on the gym is under construction in all areas, for example the showers that tiles where falling off the wall and water was leaking everywhere almost causing me to trip on numerous occations. The employees whether of good life or an outsourced contracting company one day where witnessed by my coworker and myself looking throw a hole in the shower that actually looked into the women's shower area and joked about seeing a woman showering. This is clearing breaking numerous privacy laws and regulations in this country. Throughout my very short, expensive stay at the Good life facility at the Devonshire mall location i witness many disturbing and shocking events such as a trainer stealing a piece of gym equipment from me then threatening to "kick my ass" and to kick me out of "his gym". He then told me that the person he was training at the time deserved to use the piece of equipment because he paid more for training thus was of higher class than i and every other general customer. If u ask me this is not the behavior of a multi million dollar franchise, more of a group of under educated con-men with bad intentions. Everything that occured during my stay at good life was documented my myself and many witnesses, all names have been documented and iv pleaded my case to numerous goodlife managers and employees and still the only thing iv even been offered is a new membership to help me reach my fitness goals. Thanks to this company Im in debt and unfit, their version of a true Good life.


Company: GoodLife Fitness

Country: Canada

Category: Sports


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