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DO NOT USE THE UPS STORE IN OKOTOKS, ALBERTA, CANADA...EVER! THEY ARE THE RUDEST, MOST UNPROFESSIONAL OWNERS YOU CAN COME ACROSS! THEY RIP YOU OFF AND STEAL YOUR MONEY! I required an urgent package be picked up in Toronto, Ontario on a Friday and have it shipped overnight air express to Okotoks, Alberta. This was a very urgent document/cheque to pay a staff of 12. The EMPLOYEE at the Okotoks UPS store was very polite and helpful and set up the delivery with UPS and I paid cash and was about to leave, but asked if it was guaranteed to be delivered on a Saturday. She was unsure of the day of the week it was, and realized it was a Friday and UPS does not deliver on Saturdays. So we had to void the delivery and she returned my money. I was on the phone with PUROLATOR who was ready to handle and guarantee my pick up and delivery for a Saturday, when the UPS store clerk said "I have DHL set up and they guarantee you will have it tomorrow..." so i hung up with PUROLATOR (BIG MISTAKE) and TRUSTED the UPS store clerk because she raved that DHL was great, as did the old guy in the store who talked like a mental patient...non the point that I thought he was mentally challenged and was hired to clean up the store, but it turns out he is the owner...along with his wife. I paid my $46 cash fee and left the store. DHL DID NOT PICK UP THE PACKAGE IN TORONTO - DESPITE MY CALL TO ENSURE THEY WERE ON THEIR WAY AND I WAS TOLD THE DRIVER WAS MINUTES OUT AND WAS ON SCHEDULE...HE NEVER SHOWED UP! On Monday morning I returned to the UPS Store in Okotoks and the old man and his wife (co-owner) were alone in the store. I VERY POLITELY informed them that DHL failed to pick up the package and asked for a refund, and then asked to have them set up a pick up by UPS. I also suggested that they NOT recommend DHL to customers and explained that they were unprofessional and unreliable. The female owner LOST IT! She became very belligerent and blamed me for picking them and said it was my fault, not theirs, and went on and on scolding me (half of which I could not understand because she is a Gypsy or something)...then told me she didn't like my attitude and she would not set up a UPS pick up for me. I asked how it is that "I" had an attitude by complaining about DHL and she began YELLING at me and told me "TOUGH LUCK FOR YOU! I AM KEEPING YOUR MONEY! GOOD LUCK TRYING TO GET YOUR $46 BACK! CALL DHL TO TRY AND GET IT! " There was no reasoning with her because she is completely CRAZY. I tried speaking calmly to her husband (the mentally challenged old man) because it was just bizarre that anyone would treat a customer like that or react so hostile and crazy, but he too started yelling and said "DON'T BLAME US FOR DHL. YOU CHOSE TO USE THEM! HALF THE TIME THEY DON'T EVEN DELIVER ON A SATURDAY! GO TRY AND GET YOUR MONEY FROM THEM! " So I did what any sane person who is dealing with two unprofessional, old and crazy people would...I LEFT WITHOUT MY MONEY. When I contacted DHL, they were polite and professional, admitted their error wit the driver not showing up, apologized... AND TOLD ME TO GO TO THE UPS STORE FOR A REFUND! SO I PAID FOR A PACKAGE THAT WAS NEVER PICKED UP OR DELIVERED BY DHL, WAS TREATED LIKE CRAP BY THE OKOTOKS UPS STORE, AND MY EMPLOYEES HAVE YET TO BE PAID...AND I WAS RIPPED OFF $46.00! IF YOU USE DHL OR THE OKOTOKS UPS STORE AFTER READING THIS...You deserve to get ripped off, lied to and treated like crap! DO NOT USE DHL or the OKOTOKS UPS STORE...EVER!
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Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Okotoks

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