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I recently had a harrowing experience with Bell Canada, I wondered if any other complaints against Bell could be found on the internet and I found this site.

-I was appalled at the myriads of complaints against Bell: harassment, sabotage, overpricing, extortion, broken promises, unfulfilled contracts, to name a few!

-This first page broadly explains my own awful experience with Bell and I will proceed to outline my dreadful experience as everybody else did

-I hurry to write this in case my internet/phone gets interrupted again At least my complaint will be sent now, so the second page is where things get very interesting - there's hope for all you abused customers!

-Sometime during early winter 2010 Bell sent me a letter saying that I overused my allocated gigabytes and my Internet services would treble in costs starting in 2011. They also said that if I did not agree with this ultimatum to cancel this service.

-Not being a heavy internet user, I could not believe what I was reading and decided to cancel both my Bell Internet and telephone - no way will I yield to extortion!

-If you're reading newspapers in the last few days you'll read that the CRTC, the Canadian Government and ISPs dispute concerning allocation of maximum usage and charging customers an amount for each gigabyte over it - is still ongoing and Bell's statement is pure nonsense.

-I found a company that offered a much lower cost for high speed internet and telephone services including an incredible deal for long distance calls in North America.

-I proceeded to call Bell to cancel both Internet and telephone services, however they told me that it will only be canceled after 30 days. (Where that rule comes from is beyond me).

-After buying a new modem and assured by the new company that there would be no disruption in services I waited the 30 days but during that time my Internet (Sympatico a Bell affiliate) )was often disrupted and my phone often rang any time of day with no answer at the other end.

-A few days later Bell called me and said they were sorry to lose me as customer and offered me a better deal but I told them it was too late and leave me alone. (this meant that I was paying more than I should and could deal with them to bring the cost down) - (it also means that my name was on their list). The disruptions increased dramatically.

-Exactly 30 days passed and my Internet and telephone were promptly cut off. I had no telephone or internet so I was forced to call from a phone booth during a very cold period. I asked the new company to find out why there was a disruption and they could not explain it but would open a ticket with Bell and my service would be back within 48 hrs. (These companies rent and pay for Bell lines therefore must go through Bell to solve problems - it's part of the contract - including the 48hrs period to solve the problem).

-Guess what; 2 days passed and no telephone or internet and back to the phone booth I went and during the transfer to the person taking care of this problem - The connection was cut off and another 50cts gone to recall. The next day my services came back.

-A few days later I get an email from a brother saying he can't get me on the phone. And so I call the company and a ticket is again opened with Bell. That Thursday evening both the internet and telephone were cut off. The next morning back to the phone booth and another 50cts and another 48hrs however this 48hrs does'nt include the weekend! (Nice timing Bell).

-The company sent a technician to check my new modem and the tel box outside and proved to me everything is fine at this end and told me that Bell should send someone within 2 days. I'm stuck at home during the weekend expecting a Bell tech and until Tuesday afternoon I went back to the phone booth this time their boss was directly working on my case and another 48hrs of waiting at home ensued expecting for a Bell tech to come and check the outside tel box. (I can't figure this out - my internet and phone were working fine before Thursday and I did'nt touch my equipment and no footprints in the snow indicating someone tampered with the outside tel box - the trouble has to be at a Bell location).

-This is when I started getting very suspicious, I was a commander of an operational communications center for the RCMP before my retirement and things like this were easily fixed by our in-house Bell technician.

-Guess what: 2 days pass and still no Bell tech. Back to the phone booth, another 50cts, this time I'm told the company boss went to a city and will stop at my house on the way back to his city. (I'm not mentioning details because Bell may read this and find out who I am and cause more disruption in the future).

I am getting paranoid along with my frustration? - You betcha!

-That evening another company rep stopped over saying the boss is still working on my case and in the early morning a Bell tech will stop over to check the box and everything should be back the next day.

-The next morning, an hour later than promised the Bell tech arrived and proceeded to the box. I dressed up with a note pad and pencil and asked questions. (I was'nt fast enough to see him open the box and play with wires). The Bell tech informs me that my tel line is dead.

(The previous company tech had proved to me that it was OK). The Bell tech told me that I had a new tel number and I told him that I had made arrangements with my company to keep my old phone number. (I had purchased a special box from the new company which allowed me to keep my old tel number and have both internet and telephone on the same line).

-I asked the Bell tech where he got this new tel number and he answered: the Bell Canada control center - customer service. He called someone there and was told that effectively my old line is dead and that a new number had been assigned. I was taking notes at the time and asked his name in case this should go to court - he refused, said he's only following orders and added that this ticket for the new tel is closed and promptly left.

-I went back inside thinking "This can't be real! It's getting worse! "

I started to look around for quarters - my stack was depleted by now, and before the long trek to the phone booth (it's almost a kilometer away) decided to have a coffee before leaving and started to look at the yellow pages to find out where I could buy a cellular phone that did not involve Bell in any way.

-After about 20 minutes I tried the phone and got a dial tone! I called another brother and he knew it was me because his call indicator had my old tel number (minus my name this time). (There's proof that the line was tampered with). We made tests to see if it works both ways and it did -my old phone number was working!

-I then hurried to call my new provider before this line was cut off and save me another phone booth excursion and got through and informed them what had occurred and that in no way was I to pay for 2 telephone lines and that details of this last encounter with the Bell tech would be sent via email ASAP before another disruption occurred. Yes I'm getting very paranoid by now!!!

-I later got a call from my new provider who had called Bell and was told that I had only one tel number and everything should be fine - so far so good.

-After reading more complaints I will proceed to find a way to stop this Monster - my rights to choose another company has been compromised -the RCMP motto is "Maintiens le Droit" (Maintain the Rights) and this is a Supreme Court matter.

-Stay tuned for further instructions on how we can get together and punish this Monster with "Canada" in its company name.


(The dictionary does'nt define the other true meaning of this word).
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Offender: Bell Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Québec

Category: Internet & Web


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