Complaint / review / scam report / [email protected] [email protected] PIRATED(? ) AMATEURISHLY PRODUCED DVDs - MISSING DISCS/ MISSING EPISODES - some playing problems -ONE DVD SET NOT RECEIVED!

Hi Everyone - I too have fallen victim (for the same reasons listed by others) to, BUT, I have just RECEIVED A REFUND from them to my visa credit card - they didn't refund the shipping cost though but my bank's credit card division is now pursuing them for that component after informing me that in cases like this they should be refunding the entire amount of the disputed transaction that shows on your credit card statement - let me tell you how I achieved this as my research shows that some other people have also received refunds.

I did receive 3 out of the 4 DVD sets I ordered back in late September 2007 BUT there were many problems with them along the lines others have mentioned in these posts and I complained to them and got a replacement for one set which still had the same problems! However, I still have NOT yet received the fourth set of DVDs more than 5 weeks after my online order and told them in my last online Live Chat with them (on 23 October 2007) that I now do not want any more sent to me and I want a full refund as I have not received what I ordered. After I told them I had reported them to my bank's visa credit card section (who are now pursuing a "chargeback" refund for me) and that I will report them to the Canadian authorities they tried everything to convince me to wait for "new, perfectly working" replacement DVDs and I then said I'd Googled their name and found many complaints filed about them and, as a result, I do not believe anything they tell me and that any replacements will still have the problems or missing discs or missing episodes and she then said I could have a refund. I asked for a reply paid postal bag to return the faulty DVDs (their website said they will do this) but nothing has been sent to me.

They told me a range of lies in Live Chat and they will even stop answering your questions if it gets too difficult for them - one of their Live Chat operators Karen simply disconnected our Live Chat after awhile. A few days later I had a Live Chat with Marie who was easier to deal with and I told her my story and then caught her out lying when she had had the nerve to give me a postal Tracking Number and the Canada Post website and told me I can check the progress of one of my fourth item ordered - I checked it while I had her in the Live Chat and was able to inform her the result came up saying it was an "Unknown Tracking Number" clearly she lied to me all she could say was that she'd have to get in contact with Canada Post - I had already been told 3 difffering things about that set of DVDs (once that it was shipped on 3 October then when I chatted with them a few days later I was told it had not been shipped and then finally they told me on 23 October it had been shipped and that's when she gave me that false Tracking Number)!

Now here's something for you all to consider, I took digital snapshots of their Live Chat screen as our chat progressed as I thought this could be good evidence to use against them with my bank and with the relevant authorities. She seemed fazed when I told her I had photographed our Live Chat as it progressed as she stopped answering me for awhile and then she came back after I insisted she respond to me and then she said I could have a refund to my credit card if I wished but it would take 10 business days to process. Beware also because if they agree to refund you then they will try to explain their way out of refunding the shipping component but you are entitled to a full refund.

The lesson here everyone is that you MUST be firm and threaten (and the various other website addresses they use) via their Live Chat feature that you will pursue a "chargeback" (refund) through your credit card issuer (bank) and you WILL report them to other relevant authorties (police, Consumer Affairs Dept etc) and DO report them as they deserve nothing less! Remember to take digital photos of the Live Chat screen on your PC as it progresses when you have Live Chats with them and then tell them you have done that and tell them you have saved all emails between them and you and that you WILL use this as evidence against them if a refund is not quickly forthcoming. Your bank may also want copies of relevant documents when you pursue the chargeback thru them. Just be firm and, above all, be persistent - keep Live Chatting with them until they agree to a refund - keep notes of the important points in your Live Chats so you can refer to it next time you Live Chat with them so as to catch them out lying.

I hope this helps all of you who have similarly been duped by this shady company and their various other names.

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