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Electrolux Front Loader washer & dryer
% year warranty & dryer breaks 1.4 yrs into contract

Like most Canadian’s we shop and think of Sears as a name brand that you can trust and depend on. That is why my Electrolux Front Loader washer & dryer was purchased from Sears April 2009 with a FIVE year warranty. The cost was close to $5, 000.00

A month ago, August 28th on a Saturday I received an error code on my dryer E64 – no heat. Called the service department and an appointment was set for September 1, 2010. Repairman #1 that came was here for a short time, only to tell my daughter that he didn’t have the right tools and would have to come back – we would be called, he did not leave a work order.

A week later (September 8th) Repairman #2 comes out, spends a good 1.5 hours, took the dryer apart and put it back together again. He says that he isn’t sure what is wrong with it – everything tests fine but will order a “motherboard” and hopefully that will fix it, if not Sear’s will have to replace it.

My Mother drives from Toronto to ensure that someone is at my house all day to ensure repair. Repairman # 3 arrives – to spend 10 minutes to discover that the wrong part has been ordered. The part he has is for a different model and a WASHER – wonder if the person that part was to go too is as frustrated as I am.

On Friday, Sept 24th, once again my 82 year old Mother drives from Toronto to sit at my house waiting for the repairman. She calls me at work because Sears call and asks her if the dryer is gas or electric. I may be stretching here but one would assume since the washer & dryer was purchased, delivered and set up by Sears that some where you would have this documented? I was told that we were to be the first call at 9AM, at 10:40 my mother tells me the repairman #4 has not shown up and she needs to leave at 11 (I called this request in earlier in the week) I get on the phone again and after being transferred to the Corporate Customer Service where I have spoken to twice before – I am told it has been repaired – during the 20 minutes on the phone the repairman came and fixed my dryer.

The same evening I begin the week’s worth of laundry, only to discover that the dryer has not been repaired. I am receiving the same error code E64 and the dryer is giving no heat. I call yet again and once again Sarah empathizes with my frustration – I don’t want empathy I want a dryer that works. She tells me that Sear’s will not replace it until they determine what the problem is. Again 4 repairmen, she says she will try to get a repair man to my house on Saturday. I will be in and out but have them call my cell phone – something that I have repeated over and over. AT 2:40PM on Saturday my HOUSE is called and a repair man will be at my house in 10-15 minutes. I tell her that I have to leave at 3:30 but at let’s try. I leave my house at 3:22 – the repairman was a no show. I leave a note on my front door asking that my CELL phone be called when he arrives – I am still waiting for that call.

September 27th I call and ask to be put through to Corporate Customer Service (spoken to Sarah, Debbie and Sue previously) but am told she can’t do that unless I give her my information and she investigates – I admit I raised my voice and am told she can hear me fine, she access my information and transfers me to Corporate where I eventually speak with Tara. She tells me – o.k. this really is a very bad joke – that she has no record of any of my information or service calls, etc. 35 minutes later and conference call to my mother in Toronto to ensure that she can sit at my house tomorrow for 12 hours because one last person has to see my dryer and determine it can’t be repaired before it is replaced. Tara tells me she has never seen anything like this, try living it. She tells me when it is all over she will issue me a Sears’s gift card for my inconvenience. That doesn’t make me any happier and will probably be disappointed when a “value” is assessed to this nightmare.

It has been over a month, like most people I have a very busy life and have been incredibly inconvenienced by this – my son plays soccer at a national level and had practice/games 6 night’s a week – that is a lot of laundry. The week before my daughter went to University – we spent 3 hours in a laundry mat to get ready her for departure. I am traveling every other day to a friend’s house or weekends at a laundry mat if we can hold out that long.

I call and I get we are sorry and we will send a repair man, what I want is my dryer replaced. This is beyond inconvenient almost to the point of absurd. I have to wonder if I purchased my furnace from Sears and I was getting no heat would I freeze to death.

One last thing, when Sears delivered the washer & dryer they set up the machine’s backwards – so that the doors open into one another. I was told I would have to get a longer drain hose and move them around. I am not physically able to do this, at the time I thought I’ll live with it – again your repair man said that it shouldn’t have been set up this way. I am a novice here, trusted the name brand Sear’s and paid $5, 000 for that peace of mind it seems continue to pay dearly for that .

I want the dryer replaced first and foremost, and at this point some sort of compensation for my time, my mother's time traveling from Toronto to sit at my house and wait for these repairmen, the number of times I have had to go to laundry mat or friends houses to do my laundry and the overall frustration I feel in the time I have wasted on the phone talking to people that do not speak good English! Only then to have my concern/call transfered to the Coprate Customer Service dpet - where I have to start all over again.

Going forward, I will think long and hard before purchasing anything other than clothese from Sears again.

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Offender: Electrolux Front Loader washer & dryer

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Oshawa

Category: Electronics and household app.


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