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The Brick/Transglobal Service
LG Fridge - no service, warranty purchased

We have recently received unacceptable service from Transglobal Service and Warranty, because of purchasing a refrigerator, with extended warranty, from the Brick approximately 2 years ago. Recently the fridge started making some strange and very LOUD noises, which at times would become so loud that it actually woke us up at night. We contacted The Brick to inquire about our extended warranty and were re-directed to Transglobal Service/Warranty.

My initial contact with Transglobal was on October 8, 2012. I explained the issue and was told someone would call me back. I did not receive any phone call. On October 15th, in the evening, I called back again and for the second time, I’m told someone would contact me upon sourcing someone in my area to service the appliance. A week later, still no calls. October 22, 2012 @ 10:10am, I called again and spoke to Steve, who claimed there was no record of my previous calls/requests. I asked Steve to speak to his supervisor and he transfers me to “Martha”, who claimed to be a Manager in the Appliance & electronics warranty/service department. Again, and for the 4th time, I explain the issues, including on complaining about the lack of response to my previous phone calls. Martha tells me "Murphy's Appliance Repair" would be contacting me to set up a time to service the appliance. Several days turn into a couple weeks and this nothing, no one calls. I called AGAIN (November 20-12 @ 3:15pm, spoke to Mary Louise) and was told that Murphy's Appliance service request had been CANCELLED. No one knows why or how this service request was cancelled; however, this time, I’m given the name of another service company, Valley Appliances, as well as an actual service order number 125787 for my confirmation (sounds promising right?). The following day we received a phone call from Maritime Appliance&NOT Valley Appliance &--and made an appointment to service the appliance. My husband was present for the appointment and stated the tech straightened a fan and cleaned the unit and left. The service visit from Appliance Maritimes did not solve the problem. A few days later, I come home, and the fridge had stopped working (and smelled lovely by the way). I called AGAIN on November 23-12 (how I spent my birthday, thank you Transglobal!), spoke to Augusta, requested to speak to someone in management AGAIN&-I was transferred to Carol Ann. Carol Ann promised me she would arrange for something the following week. Considering my experience with Transglobal at this point, I wasn’t all that hopeful I would hear anything at all, however she claimed that she was actually going to DO something&-for real, she promised that by Monday, I would hear from her. My husband arrived home at this point and was able to get the fridge working again&&thou not before we tossed out a significant amount of groceries. Carol Ann sends me a 'food loss' claim and tells me to fill it out and return it.

On Monday (Nov.26), Carol Ann (SURPRISE!) actually DID follow thru with her promise and I DID hear from her, however she told me someone would not be able to come before Wednesday of that week. She also told me that she was unable to accept the food loss claim until someone had actually looked at the fridge. Wednesday (Nov. 28), appliance repair people call first thing that morning to tell us they would be there 'sometime' that day. Neither my husband, nor myself had the luxury to stay at home all day from work for an appointment time of “sometime”.. As it is now, this whole "WARRANTY" service has already and sucked way too much of my time in phone calls, complaints, emails, etc... and I still have an un-serviced fridge, making loud and obnoxious noises and continues to wake our family up throughout the nights&&UNACCEPTABLE. The service tech was supposed to contact us with his next availability with a specific time&-we have yet to be contacted since.

November 30, 2012, I call Carol Ann again (she is the only one who follows thru with what she says), and told Carol Ann that I wanted my fridge replaced as The Brick/Transglobal sold me a warranty which they were unable to honour. Carol Ann advised she would submit my request to management. I asked Carol Ann why Transglobal would sell a service they could NOT provide&&and ACTUALLY, I would still appreciate an answer to this???

On Dec. 6, I received a message from Carol Ann, confirming Transglobal will replace the LG Fridge. I called Carol Ann back on Dec. 7 to acquire the details in replacing the unit. Carol Ann informs me, it is our obligation to return the broken fridge, pick up the new fridge and RE-PAY for the extended warranty. NO. WE had already paid for ALL of this once. We have paid for delivery. We have already paid for this "extended warranty" once&-WHY WOULD WE PAY TRANSGLOBAL FOR ANOTHER WARRANTY THEY CANNOT HONOUR??? Seriously??? I would hope that the manufacturers of LG Appliances would expect and promote their products to last more than 2 years???

We have purchased a number of items from The Brick in Halifax, NS. Every single item we have purchased, we have had to use the WARRANTY on&-EVERY SINGLE ITEM, yet we have never received such pathetic, untimely and unacceptable service. It IS deceitful to sell a service you are unable to honour&&I paid The Brick/Transglobal money to extend the warranty on my appliance; YET, here I am, with a LOUD, noisy and unbearable appliance which I have literally begged to have YOU service OR replaced it and for 2 full months&-how do you even justify this? Is this your idea of acceptable service??? It’s pretty sad when it’s the customer that has to be so diligent, and persistent AND aggressive to receive a service that is rightfully mine…..I’ve PAID you for it.

I expect to have a new replacement appliance delivered to my home; you can pick up the ‘broken’ fridge at that same time. I will NOT pay for the delivery as I have already paid for it the first time on the original appliance. Transglobal can replace my warranty with one of equal/comparable value&--OR EVEN the balance remaining on the shoddy warranty I already have on the current appliance &--I have already PAID for the warranty once and have been dealing with the ‘value’ of this warranty and asking for resolution for 2 FULL MONTHS (since October 8-12). The Brick’s "FULL CIRCLE APPLIANCE AND ELECTRONICS PROTECTION", clearly states "The Brick will make whatever adjustments or repairs are necessary for the product to perform just like the day we bought it". The day I bought it &-- I had already paid delivery; I had already paid warranty.

I am not asking for anything more than what I have already paid for&&I am being reasonable in asking to be "whole" again and not out the $400 for my appliance which is supposedly under "warranty." Whatever happened to customer service?


Company: The Brick/Transglobal Service

Country: Canada   Province: Nova Scotia

Category: Electronics and household app.


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