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Inappropriate Tech

I got frustrated with the Rogers call centre people so I sent this email but it looks like it was ignored because I never had a response:

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Subject: Please help!

Importance: High

On Sunday, June 10th, 2012 I phoned Rogers for a service call for my HD PVR. I was told my box needed to be replaced and I was given an appointment between 5 and 8 pm Tuesday, June 12th.

On Tuesday, June 12th at 7:40 pm a service tech phoned telling me the call had just been passed off to him from another tech and that he might be another hour. At 9:25 I phoned the service tech at the number left on my phone when he’d called earlier. He told me the call had been taken from him and given to a third technician. I called Rogers. As I proceeded through the prompts a message cut in and told me that my call had been rescheduled to June 14 between 2 and 5 pm. The impersonal touch and unacceptable time slot shocked me. I also received a text from Rogers with the same information as the auto reply as my call with Rogers continued.

On Wednesday, June 13 I complained through Rogers Live Support Team. I was given a $30 credit and my appointment was rescheduled for the same evening between 5 and 8 pm. A little after 8 pm on the 13th I was back on Rogers Live Support complaining that no one had shown up. I was told that the Live Support Team employee hadn’t rescheduled my appointment like he said he had. The call was rescheduled for Thursday, June 14th between 5 and 8 pm and I was given a further credit of $25 to my account.

On Thursday, June 14th at 7:54 pm a Rogers tech arrived phoned and said he was on his way. He arrived at my apartment at 8:13 pm. The man was nice, too nice. I couldn’t get him to stop talking or get to my box. The first thing he did when he entered my apartment was ask me if it was alright to smoke. I was surprised but I said yes. He spent 20 minutes standing in front of my tv talking to me. I told him it was getting late for me because I was up at 4:45 am and I needed him to hurry it along. He puttered with the box and his computer. At one point I asked him a question as to why when I recorded a show on the PVR that it stopped and cut off the last 30 seconds or so of a show. He didn’t know. He called his girlfriend and put her on speaker phone to ask her. It was close to 9:00 pm before he actually had the old box out and the new one plugged in. While he waited for it to reboot he followed my cat to my bedroom and stood at the door for a minute or two just looking in. Then he was at the balcony door looking at the enclosure I’ve made for my cats. He never stopped talking. To discourage him I went to my desk and began texting a friend. He didn’t stop talking once. He talked about movies, about being a single father. He lit another cigarette and sat on the couch while he kept talking. Then he got up, came to my desk where I sat texting and continued to talk. I ignored him. Then he started whistling and humming. I thought I was going to lose my mind. I wanted to scream at him that I wasn’t his friend, I wasn’t there to entertain him and he needed to get to his business and get out. Instead I told him he had to hurry it along and asked how much longer it was going to take. He told me, “Till the box wants to do its thing.” He asked for a glass of water. He asked for a piece of paper and when I gave it to him he wrote down his name and phone number and told me to call him anytime, preferably before 10 pm. I told him that if I had any problems I’d call Rogers. It was close to 9:20 pm when I told him I didn’t have any time left and he had to go. He packed up his stuff and left. I feel it important to add here that this is my third box that has been replaced and all the other techs were in and out in a matter of 15 minutes. This one was here for 65 minutes.

On Friday, June 15th at 8:28 pm my cell rang and it was the cable guy. I didn’t answer but listened to his voicemail.. He asked me to call him. I did not. At 8:31 pm he called again. At 8:39 pm he called again. At 8:48 I texted him and told him I’d received his 3 calls and that if I had any problems I would call Rogers. He texted me, “Could you cancel the call tonight? So I don’t get a repeat.” Then, “I could come by and make sure things are working well for you.” Then, “If you like.”

By 9:00 pm. on Friday the 15th I was on the phone to Rogers to make a complaint. I was transferred a few times. To each person I told them that I was having problems with one of their technicians who was phoning and texting me and that I needed to speak to someone. At one point I was transferred to a man who I again spewed the gist of my call. He tried to “sell” me a land line and proceed to list the benefits. I cut him off and told him I had other things on my mind and wasn’t interested in a home phone. He put me on hold (I believe) came back and again tried to “sell” me a land line. I lost it and started screaming at him. The lack of sensitivity, the inability to listen and absolute idiocy of the call left me feeling sick to my stomach. He ultimately transferred me and I spoke to a woman. I spewed the gist of my call out to her, she put me on hold, came back and said her manager told her to tell me to block his number and call the police. I told her that I wanted Rogers to handle their employees and that I wanted to speak to someone about the events. She told me there was nobody available until Monday. She told me she had logged a CB Referral. When I got off the phone with Rogers I phoned the police and filed an incident report - #12-174362.

On Sunday, June 17th the service tech called me at 6:18 pm. I didn’t answer the call. At 6:20 he texted me, “I have a work order to come and see you at 7 pm. What seem to be the problem? ” I called Rogers. I was told that there was no service request for me yesterday. I was told there was no reason for him to be coming back to my apartment that night. I was told not to answer the door. I texted the service tech, “I just called the office. They said there is nothing from despatch to come here today. I need you to stop calling and texting. If I have a prob. I will call the office, pls. stop bothering me and don’t come tonight.” He replied with, “Ok, it just shows a work order to see you. I have no control over work orders I get from despatch.”

It is now Monday, June 12th going on 4 pm and no one has returned my call.

I think I would be putting it mildly if I said I was a little bit freaked out right now. And I am extremely angry at the service I have received this past week. First technicians don’t show up, appointments aren’t rescheduled like they said they have been, I am sent a tech. who won’t shut up and won’t get out for well over an hour, nobody is available to take my call when I am in distress about a seemingly “stalking” or “lonely” Rogers employee and now my CB Referral hasn’t been returned.

I suddenly don’t feel safe in my own apartment. I didn’t feel safe when I left at 6:15 this morning to catch a bus to go to work. My life has been dominated by Rogers since Tuesday, June 12th. I waited 10 ½ hours over 3 consecutive nights to have a box replaced, I spent 30 ish minutes over 2 days on Live Chat, 65 minutes listening to the one tech that did appear ramble like a child looking for attention, I was blown off when I tried to complain, my complaint hasn’t been acted on and now I am here.

I would appreciate a response to this email. I have every intention of cancelling all my Rogers services because I can never be sure this man won’t respond to any other calls I have to make, I can’t be sure he won’t … I can’t be sure of anything right now. All I know is that this whole experience has been unacceptable, my head is pounding and my nerves are shot.

Thank you


Company: Rogers

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa

Category: Construction & Repair


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