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Rogers Internet Service
Poor service quality and poor customer support

I had 2 issues with Rogers Internet Service this month:

1. Intermittent Technical issue. My modem kept reporting T3 timeouts and DHCP errors.

I was not able to connect to Rogers – and so was not able to reach the internet.

Initial call in to Rogers Technical Support – Service was down. I was told that they could not connect to my modem and so they weren’t able to help me. I told the rep that I would read them the errors from the event logs on the modem – and they told me that it wouldn’t help. They asked me to call back when it was working so they could log in and properly diagnose my problem.

Second call in to Rogers Technical Support – Service was up. I was told that they could connect and did not see any issues and did not understand why I was calling. He told me to call back when the service is down. They were happy to have me going in circles. If it’s up, they couldn’t help – and asked me to call back when it’s down. When it’s down, they couldn’t help and asked me to call back when it’s up. My experience with their technical support staff was nothing short of terrible. After pushing, I was told to take my modem to a Rogers store and exchange it.

Third call in to Rogers Technical Support – new modem. Service was down. Again, they told me they could not help – but this time scheduled a service appointment 4 days later for someone to visit my place.

Next, I visited the Rogers store again because the modem failed. I got a new one (3rd modem in 1 week). The gentlemen at the Rogers store asked why I’m visiting so often and if there was anything he could do to help. I explained the issue. He told me that it’s not a modem issue – it’s something upstream. Basically, told not to entertain the BS from the tech support guys – and just wait for someone to visit my home.

I took the new modem home, and waited anxiously for the Rogers rep to visit my home. The day before his visit, the intermittent issues seemed to subside. Service was up reliably for the next 24 hours. The Rogers rep visited the property and found nothing wrong.

In all, Rogers did not take ownership of the issue. The technical support staff gave me the run around for over a week. They would not confirm or deny actions taken to resolve the issue. No guarantee that it will not reoccur. No further options if it does reoccur.

Number of calls in to Technical Support: 5 calls.

Number of visits to a Rogers Stop: 2 Visits.

Time taken for Rogers to do nothing: 9 days.

2. Account issue.

This happened 2-3 days after #1.

I am moving to a new home at the end of the month. I set up a transfer to my new address about 2 weeks in advance of the move. 24 hours later my service was down.

I called Rogers and explained the situation. After several hours on the phone – being transferred from department to department and back – I finally found someone who could answer some questions. They informed me that the service was disabled on my current address and had already been moved to the new address. They described this as a “system glitch affecting many customers”. They assured me that it is high priority and that Rogers was working to find a solution. In the mean time, they cancelled the service on the new property and reactivated it on my existing property. They promised to set up the transfer again for me and that they would call me back the next day and confirm the details.

24 hours later the service was down again. I did not receive a call from anyone.

The above happened twice.

I called Rogers Customer Support again. I explained the situation and they informed me that it was an account issue. They transferred me to their Customer Support team. The customer support team told me it was a technical issue and transferred me back. This happened a total of 4 times during this call. I got fed up and hung up.

I called back later that night and gave the support staff the name and ID’s of the people I had spoken to earlier – and I was told that the names and ID’s didn’t exist at Rogers.

The bottom line here was that:

- No one at Rogers was taking responsibility for anything.

- No accountability amongst the front line support staff.

- Most of the Rogers reps that I spoke with were not aware of the supposed “system glitch” affecting my account.

- Every time I called in, or was transferred, I had to tell the story from the beginning.

Number of calls in to Technical/Customer Support: 8* calls.

Number of visits to a Rogers Stop: 2 Visits.

Time taken for Rogers to do nothing: 7* days.

*issue is still on-going.

Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated with the poor service and the poor support.


Company: Rogers Internet Service

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Waterloo

Category: Internet & Web


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