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I can't believe the nerve of Rogers... 3 years ago, i had a rogers cell phone, every month Rogers cut my phone off, and they would charged me a re-activation fee 80$. I was told by rogers that i had a 400$ cap on my account, rogers would call at 200$ and start to harass me about the bill... you could place your money on the fact that in 3 days my phone would be cut... and again i had to repay the activation... then one day, someone at rogers decided it would be a good idea to consolidate my account.

Since i had internet Digital Cable and the phone... now my phone was being cut every 2 to 3 weeks...

i called rogers and asked who allowed this to happen, i was advised that it was a customer service initiative to save rogers clients money?!!!.. I then requested that this "consolidation" be removed i was advised that they couldn't do this until the bill had been paid in full... so i went to the local rogers outlet and paid the bill off.

When i got home that night i called rogers again to un-link my account, ... the customer service toadies advised me that this would not be done as my next months bill had not been paid I got really upset and finally after a lot of screaming and pulling the rest of my hair out... the rep finally agreed. A few months later i get a warning from rogers reporting that they had not receive a payment from me in the past few months...

I had just the day before went to the rogers outlet and paid over 300$ towards the account, but when i called customer service, no payment was found. I advised the customer service rep that the bill had in fact been paid, and that i would not re-pay the bill, which started a war with rogers. Every month my upper channels were canceled, 40% of the time my internet was down... When i tried to complain and leave a note on my account, the rep i spoke to didn't mark anything in the notes for my account...

Even previously when my Daughter had passed away, i had called rogers to ask if they could hold back on the bill for a week as my 5 month old daughter had passed away and we had to use all our money to pay for the services, the rep advised that there would be no problem and that a note was applied to my account regarding this. The day of my daughters funeral my cell phone was cut, so i couldn't contact anyone for the services. When a called them back ( in tears i may add) they reported that there was nothing about this in my account notes and that it was my issue.

Anyways i had paid th ebill but rogers stated that it was my problem to prove that i paid the bill...

now this wouldn't have been an issue had it not been so long ago that i did pay the bill... hence i didn't have the receipt anymore. A few days later i get a call from a collections company demanding the outstanding amount on my account be paid... i advised the situation to them and the collections officer stated "why did they send this to us then? I reply that i didn't know but that i would try to find out what was happening... when i called rogers i was met with the most offensive person that i had ever talked to, who basically advised me that it was too bad and that they would mess up my credit rating if i didn't pay, i advised them that i would be talking to my Lawyer as they had adhered to their contract and i would not re-pay the bill.

I had been paying for internet and cable for the past 15 years, all the while my internet speed and overall service had been cut back... but my bill increased... this happened at least 4 times... my internet speeds were quoted lower and lower by rogers. but my bill still increased. So now 3 years after the fact, Collections is calling me for the same mobile phone issue, the missing payment... i advised then that it had been paid but since the rogers outlet i had been paying my bills at was shut down due to constant client and worker theft, i am left holding the bag again...

Last month i got fed up with the lousy service and changed over to bell.. my service is the best it has ever been!.. and the cost is half of what i used to pay at rogers. I called Rogers and requested that they send someone to pick up there equipment, and the tech tried to give us an excuse why he had to go in our house, i refused, handed the tech the box of rogers parts, had the tech note all the serials received and he left. Now 1 week later i am in collections again... i never received a bill from rogers stating how much i owed, even though when the tech came for the rogers parts he advised that there would be an updated bill in the mail within the next week. This is a constant thing with rogers... lousy service, service cutbacks all the while the cost increases, no customer service what so ever.

It is starting to look like rogers has never heard of a service level agreement... and if we are forced to honor our contracts, shouldn't rogers?.. instead of taking more and providing less...
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