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On November 20th, i should have received a package sent to me from the States. Apparently on the first attempt the driver did not find my name in my buildings directory so the 1 st attempt was unsuccessful. Since I've had the tracking number from the get go I checked online to see the status of my package and i realize on the 21st of November that the driver needed further information in order to deliver my package. I called UPS at their 1-800-742-5877 number and I spoke to a Customer Service Rep. (CSR) and i gave him all the info needed to make the next delivery a successful one. I provided them with my buzzer number and how my name appeared on the directory to ensure that the driver would be able to find me. On November 26th - 6 days later - the driver attempted to deliver the package a second time, but I guess the CSR that I spoke to did not relay my message to the DC for the driver b/c again on my tracking file it was noted that on November 27th, the driver again could not find my name on the building directory. Again I called the 1800 number and provided a 2nd CSR with all of my information. The CSR assured me that the package would be out for delivery the next day. On the 27th of November i waited around all day for the driver to come to my building and he never came. I again went to look at my tracking sheet to find that the driver said that the address provided on the package was not the right one and now he could not find my building. So for the 3rd time I called UPS's 1 800 and told the CSR that the driver had originally been at the right building therefore he had the right delivery address so why did he now state that the address was wrong. The CSR said there must have been a mistake b/c after confirming the delivery address everything matched the info I gave him with what was on the package. The CSR apologized and said that the package would be delivered the next day. On the 28th of November the package still did not arrive and so I decided to give it another day before calling UPS again so after not receiving it on the 29th of November I called now a 4th time UPS to find out what was going on. The CSR read the notes on the tracking of the package and mentioned that he was unsure as to why the package had not been delivered yet and that he apologized for the inconvenience and the package would be delivered the next day. So November 30th came and went and no package so I called UPS's 1 800 # and demanded my package to the CSR who took my call. The CSR could not believe (again) the history on my package and told me that my package showed as being at the DC and so i could pick it up there if I wanted to just so that I would finally get it. I told the CSR that I was going to drive to the DC to do just that, even though the DC is out of the way for me but at this point I figured if I did not go to get it I may never get the package. The CSR asked for my contact # to have the DC call me regarding my package so i gave my cell phone number. I then drove to the DC at 2:45pm on 2900 Steeles Avenue, Toronto to find a line up of more than 20 ppl either picking up or delivering a package. At the DC there was only 1 person trying to help everyone. Many customer started to get frustrated due to the long wait and 3 customers walked out upset and 1 lady spoke up and demanded more employees to come and help at the desk. Finally an older lady came out from the back and got 2 more employees to help at the front. I finally got to the gentlemen working at the desk after a 30 min wait and it took him 20 mins to find my package. When he broughted to me he asked me to pay $48.00 in brokerage fees. I asked him why that much when that was half of the cost of the item being sent to me. he said that was the fee charged by them. I was appalled and I said I am not paying that much I need to speak with someone. The gentleman told me to call their 1 800 # and speak to a Customer service rep. I did just that and the rep went over my tracking info with me, he could not believe how long it was taking for me to get my package. he apologized profusely and told me that he would take off part of the brokerage fees and i would just have to pay $13.81. He told me that my package would be delivered to me by Monday Dec. 3rd and not to worry b/c he was sending the DC a note to contact me to ensure delivery. On Monday Dec. 3rd I was at home all day waiting for my package to arrive and the UPS driver never showed up, I received no calls from UPS and I was as frustrated as anyone could get.

I went to read the notes on my package and found that the man working the desk at the DC on Steeles avenue had put into my file that I had refused the shipment and that it would be going back to the sender???!!! I was livid when I read this on my file and called Monday early evening UPS, this meant that my package was not intended to be delivered as I was told. I snapped on the CSR that took my call and i demanded to speak to a manager. I had to pull hairs to get to speak to someone other than a CSR. I finally got put through to a female manager who identified herself and she went over all the notes and expressed her disbelief on what had happened with my package. Again she apologized and I told her I had heard enough apologies that I did not care for anymore b/c none had gotten me my package. She said that Tuesday she would have someone from the DC call me and that the package would be delivered by Tuesday. So Tuesday Dec. 5th came and at 9:15 am I received a call from the DC. A female spoke to me to let me know that the package was on its way and it could be delivered between 9am - 8pm. I actually waited all day at home - if you can believe that! and guess what? no package came. in fact i have video surveillance of the main entrance of my building and the outside of it and i was glued to the TV to see if infact this driver ever came and he never showed up. Yet on my tracking file it stated that he had come at 6:17pm but no one was home. My husband and I were both at home and now my husband was livid b/c that was a lie. I called UPS and asked to speak to the manager whose last name I never got. To get to speak to her again was nearly impossible b/c the customer service reps were not comfortable getting her on the phone so i could talk to her again. Finally after UPS hung up on me due to a rep's mistake with transferring the call the manager called me back on my cell phone, which was on file. The manage apologized yet again and said that she did not understand what was happening and to allow her to place a formal complaint on the this issue. I told her to go ahead and she said she would have the DC call me on Wednesday and that she would send a note to have them deliver my package at a time that worked for me b/c I could not spend yet another day waiting around for UPS to show up. I also mentioned to this manager that I had video surveillance showing that the driver was NEVER here and that i was willing to take action with that against UPS for lying and not providing a service that was paid for. She said it would not be necessary and that the DC would call me Wednesday and the delivery would take place. Well... today is Wednesday and I am without a package to this day. The DC did call me twice in the morning and they did not do anything to get me my package. I have no idea what kind of show UPS is running there but they are out to lunch and I can swear to all that I will never use them again for anything as long as I live and I will try to get this story known b/c this is incredibly unprofessional, outrageous and not acceptable.
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Offender: UPS

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Cars & Transport


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