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The Brick
Rude customer service

Purchased a mattress and was told that I need to buy a mattress cover in order to get the 10 yr. warranty on it, could of got this cover somewhere else for half the price but I agreed anyway, the salesman assured me this way if anything was wrong with the mattress set I would have no problem and they would take care of it. When I received the mattress I noticed that the stitching had come out where the quilting had been done on top of the mattress, it was at least a inch if not more of the stitch that had unravelled, I took pictures of it that same day and called the salesman, I told him that I could sew a few stitches in it where the thread had stopped, otherwise it would keep unravelling every time the thread got pulled, and I had mentioned to him that I wanted to purchase a bed rail and maybe they could give me a deal on it since I was keeping this mattress instead of making them bring me a new one, which would of been my right to do since it was covered by the warranty. He went and talked to the manager and I was told to come in the next day with the pictures. Next day, they stated that hanging threads were normal, as I'm telling them that it's not just stray threads but stitching that is missing because it has not been secured well enough and has unravelled, they kept insisting that this is normal, in the meantime there was a man sitting behind the front desk listening to it all and I could see he was getting annoyed with me, he said something to the manager with a angry tone to his voice and the manager turns to me and says " we will switch it, but just to let you know i will do it this time but that will be it" They made me feel like I was doing something wrong or trying to scam them, when it was my right to complain, after all I wasn't buying a used mattress with stitching coming out! I told the manager that I will secure the spot where it had come apart with some stitches myself, then his ignorant tone changed and he told me that if it did get worse in time, which it shouldn't he says because the mattress cover is on it, but if it does then I can call for a new one. No one offered to give me a deal on the bed rails that I wanted to buy, since I was willing to keep this less than perfect mattress, so I will buy the rails somewhere else and will never buy anything from The Brick ever again. I usually buy furnishings from Leons, my BIG mistake to go to The Brick for my mattress, word of mouth is a great way to stop people from shopping there and that's what I will be doing every chance I get, it kills me that they are all nice to you before you buy something, then if you complain, rightfully so, it's a different story, all they had to do was to talk to me in a respectful way. If they had good customer service skills they would know that everyone who walks in their doors is a potential life time customer, because the product in their stores is a dime a dozen, it's the good customer service that keeps people coming back. Someone close to me was in the market for appliances and I had mentioned for them to go to this store, after this happened I made sure to call them and warn them, so they went somewhere else and ended up spending a good amount of money. One person can turn into many more, as word of mouth is a powerful thing. I have a feeling if I would of went in there dressed in expensive clothes with a designer handbag hanging off my arm, the ignorant manager would of had a different tone, but the truth of the matter is he has no idea what this person would of spent in that store in the future. If I was a problem customer in the past and they were tired of dealing with me, then maybe I could see why a manager would have that tone with me, but that was not the case, the nerve of him telling me he will do it this time but that's it, well I've got news for you Mr. manager you will do it as many times as I need you to for the next ten years, my advice to you Mr. manager is you need to change your attitude when it comes to customer service, save your ignorant tone for your buddies not for paying customers!


Company: The Brick

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Windsor

Category: Furniture & Equipment


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