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I signed up with Bell in September of 2009, because I was referred through one of my close friends. He had told me that he had an incredible price. I asked him about the services and he told me that he was receiving 8 television theme packs as well as 5 HD theme packs, 1 phone line with call waiting and caller id, with a fax line built into the line, also mid level high speed internet for $180/month including a Bell PVR free rental for 12 months. When I was on the phone with the sales agent, I had given her my friends information ie. phone number, name. I instructed her to set up a new account with the exact same package and was told that it would be no problem. I received all of the equipment (excluding the PVR) and service promptly. I had purchased my own Bell HD receiverand included with the receiver purchase was a $100 programming rebate upon service activation. To my surprise, I had not received a Bel PVR for the first 6 weeks (November 2009), so I called Bell to inform them that I had not received my PVR and they told me that it was not included. I insisted that I was told that it would be included, and the customer service agent (located in the Phillipines) told me that it was not. I escalated the matter and after 2 days of phone calls, I finally spoke to a manager. She told me that Bell did not offer that Promotion anymore. I explained to her that I was very specific with my expectations when I originally set up my account. I had told them the package that I had wanted and was promised this package and therefore a contract is in place, but they were in BREACH of contract because they were not delivering on the service that they had promised. I then told her that I would not pay any of the bills that Bell was sending, until they rectified the issue.

I continued my service until late December 2009 and I began receiving harassing phone calls on a daily basis from the Collection Department in Bell. I told them again that I would not pay them anything until someone would take care of my problem. I was transferred to a Manager who was FINALLY able to review my account. She reviewed my account and said that a technician would be able to bring by a PVR for me free of charge. I also requested a HD receiver for my home, because I was entertaining someone for a few months. They told me that it would be an additional $10/month for the receiver and NEVER told me that there was a contract involved. If they had explained that, I would have gone out and purchased one for $180. I began having issues with my internet connection in January 2010. I had 2 technicians come by on different occasions to take care of this problem within 2 weeks and were not able to take care of this problem. Internet is a VITAL tool in my business. I am a Real Estate Agent and must be on the internet all the time from home as well as the office, even from my Mobile phone. I decided to upgrade the speed to My Fibe 16 and was told that there was only a difference of $5/month for the additional service. I had another technician come by to install the Better Service and I still was having problems with the interent cutting in and out. I made another appointment for a Technician t come by the home, so I had my Assistant stay at the house to wait for the Bell Service Technician who was suppose to come by between some ridiculous hours like 12pm-6pm. I called her at 6:30pm to check in and see if they had come by, because I was busy and really needed her help and she said that they had not even made a phone call. I was furious and called Bell and was told that there was no service booked. I booked another appointment 4 days later for another technician to come by and they came by again with me being at home.By this time it was March 22, 2010 and again there were issues with the service so I called Bell again like all of the other times with the Technician there and I was on the phone for 3.5 hours because I began going through my billing as well. I realised that they had not given me my initial deposit of $100 back, they had not given me the PVR rental for free, they had been charging me $20/month for 3 consecutive months.

I got the Executive Office number from the technician that was there. I spoke to A John Paul or Jean Pierre at the Executive office, because I wanted to cancel at that point. He assured that they would take care of the technical problems and would give me the rebate of my internet services for the month of March 2010, $60 for the PVR and $100 for the deposit that they conveniently failed to give back to me. He informed me that the HD receiver that I had was under contract even though no one had told me that there was a contract involved. I explained to him that I did not need the receiver any more because my guest was no longer staying with me. He told me that if I did not cancel the service, that Bell would still give me the PVR free until September 2010 and they would give me the other HD receiver until December 2010 for free as well. In Addition to that, Bell would reduce my bill to $126/ month. I requested that this representative send me an email to confirm what he had told me, and he told me that he was not able to send any sort of HARD copy to me. I found that strange, I do not know if these individuals receive bonuses for Customer Retention, but I was lied to again. I regretably agreed and continued this roller coaster of emotions. I still was having problem with my internet and approximately a week later, I spoke to a customer Service agent and explained the problems that I was having and that I wanted to upgrade my Internet service to the My FIbe 25, because the modem could have been an issue according to one of the technicians. She informed me that me bill would go up an additonal $5 for the Faster Service and $4 for the Upgraded Modem rental, therefore making my bill $135/month. I had a technician come by and set up my Internet, and it FINALLY worked properly. I was ecstatic about this. I received a bill a week later for my services and the bill was over $220 for the month of Marcg, so I immediately called Bell and told them I was canceling my service at the end of April 2010. The customer service agent told me that, that was fine. I had sold my house and moved out on MAy 10th, 2010 and I received a Bill via email in an amount exceeding $550.00 for the partial month of March (rebates) all of April and all of MAy. I sent back an email to Bell stating that I would not pay this. I followed up with a phone call to the James Myers Senior Vice President from the Executive Office and was transferred to different people in different departments ie. Television, Interent etc... and I explained to them that I wanted to speak to someone that could speak to me about everything. AGin FINALLY After 3 weeks, I speak to Annie Bussiere and she tries to retain me by offering me $137/month but is limiting my television to half of the themes that I agreed to. This was on Wednesday June 23, 2010. I refused to even listen to any other offerings from her pertaining to my television and internet, because she would probably want to minimize those services as well. She told me that she could cancel my services without penalty as long as I returned the PVR and HD receivers. I asked her if she could send me the email on Wednesday June 23 since it was only about noon and she told me that she would be sending me an email on Monday June 28th, 2010. When I asked her why it would take her almost a week to send the email to me, she did not have or even offer an explanation. Monday came and went and I did not receive an email, so I called the number she had left on my email and I could not even leave a message, let alone get through to anyone. She called me Tuesday afternoon and told me that she did not have my email address, and I reminded her that it was Tuesday and not MOnday, she was a day late and she should have written the email down that I had given to her on Wednesday. She again had no answer for me.

The company is terribly run, I would have have to explain all the problems and troubleshoot the system with someone from the Phillipines who has absolutely no Technical training whatsoever. After jumping through hoops to be transferred to the ACTUAL technician which are located in Hamilton, they gave me their direct number in Hamilton, because we had so many problems with the internet service. I invested so many hours into this NIGHTMARE. Do not make the same mistake that I did. I am compensated quiet well for my time and efforts in my business, now what about al the time I lost? Is BEll going to compensate me? What about all the stress and aggrevation? What about the potential to pursue them legally? WHy not go back and listen to those conversations, that they solely record for their benefit? They lied, cheated, offered an inferior service to Rogers and they lost me from Bell Mobility 3 years ago. That is another story I will be posting as well. I should have learned my lesson the first time. Rogers offers 50 megabit service where Bell offers 25 megabit, Rogers cable service is very rarely interrupted, where Bell's Satellite service is disconnected when there are snow storms, rain etc... Rogers is a far superior Service Provider, Make your choice. I have many holes in this story, because this is another 3 hours, I have invested into my frustrations with this company and I refuse to invest anymore. I will be cutting and pasting this messages all over the internet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at 647-302-5075.


Company: Bell

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Greater Toronto Area

Category: TV & Radio


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