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To whom it may concern,

I am writing to inform you of the recent troubles I have experienced with Bell Canada & the customer service they have provided I purchased Bell Canada’s bundle package in October of 2008. These products included satellite television, with 2 receivers, Internet connection as well as phoneI was a Rogers Canada customer for over 20 years and heard some great things about Bell Canada & the service they provided to their customers, which prompted my switch to their services.

I must say that when the technicians first arrived they were a pleasure to deal with they were very polite & finished the install job efficiently & quickly. The gentleman was more than helpful with setting up my satellite theme packages & internet. My phone was up and running a day or two later as informed. I had a great experience & raved to the Bell technician about the service he had providedOne of the issues we had with Bell was that we were paying for a package that included TSN2, we were paying it for a month or two before we realized that we didn’t have it on the receiver upstairs we called and inquired about it, it took another month or two for Bell Canada to add it to our other receiver.

The major problem we had with Bell was that approximately a month after everything being installed we have had issues with the satellite receivers & over all treatment by Bell Canada & their employees. I had purchased 2 receivers one with PVR & the other was just a regular receiver. I had the receiver for a month before I was able to hook it up. Once I had the receiver installed and running my wife & I noticed the time on the receiver was an hour ahead (which meant that the TV Guide was an hour ahead and the shows that it was saying was on was not and we were not able to see what was on), not thinking it was a big deal, I called the Bell Canada help line and went through the normal procedure of answering security questions and filling in my home number. We were instructed that we were supposed to fix the time. The CSR, after about 10 minutes on the phone with her realized that it wasn’t us that could change it, it was Bell that had to switch the time. She stated that it would be done within 2 hours of us talking to her. The next day it still wasn’t done and we inquired about it again. They again said that they would fix it. Again, they did not. The only reason why our one receiver finally showed the correct time was because of Daylight Savings day when all the clocks were set ahead an hour, which was about a month after we called about it

Approximately a week later while watching television and flipping through channels I noticed approx 15-20 channels were not receiving signal. I quickly ran through all the subscribed channels and discovered over 80% were not receiving a signal. Once again I called Bell’s customer service number and went through the “necessary steps”, which included a 20 minute trouble shooting w/ rep. We called almost every day for a week to let them know that we still did not have the signal. Finally on the Saturday, the person was unable to assist and had set up a field technician to come out to investigate the problem. The customer service representative made the appointment for the following Saturday (March 14). The technician came by after noon (he was late and we had told them that he could not be late as we had somewhere to go) and after ten minutes he stated, the problem with our satellite was do to with our electrical supply to our house. He promptly left stating there was nothing he could do to assist us. We put up with the non working receiver for another couple of weeks and then called in again to make another complaint as we no longer believed that some of the channels were not being received because of the power supply. Once again we were told we had to go through the “necessary steps”, I refused to go through this again and stated to the CSR to send another technician out to repair the problem. After arguing with the CSR for another ten minutes we had the technician come out the next Saturday (April 18), the technician came in and went through the trouble shooting, however this time around I insisted the technician look at the satellite itself or at the very least the connection from the outside of the house to the inside. The technician went and looked at the cable connection to the house, approximately 5 minutes later he returned and checked the satellite signal we were at 100% as always. However this time the technician told us the problem was due to rust on the cable from the outside to the cable in the house. (We have kept the rusted piece of equipment since he left in on our driveway with the rest of his garbage) I inquired if this was the problem for the non signal. The technician stated this was the problem and that we shouldn’t have any other issues with our satellite reception. The technician stayed for a few minutes longer as I went through a few channels on our upstairs receiver. In defense of the technician I had gone through about 30 channels and the signal & pictures was perfect. The technician left and I was satisfied with the result.

Upon retiring to bed that night we wanted to watch some television (NBA Raptors). I had put the receiver onto channel 410 and once again nothing. The receiver was stating “a problem with our connection or the satellite signal was weak.” To say I was livid was an understatement, I contacted the customer service line and reiterated my situation and requested a note be put on the file stating this in the 5/6th time I’ve had to call in for the same problem. After receiving no assistance from the CSR, I was connected to the Manager (March 20th). I was told we would be given a refund on the receiver for $60.00 and was told I would see that on my next billing record. As of May 28, 2009 I had yet to see this refund on my account. After calling in to inquire about the refund on April 26th (1 month later), I was told I would see it on the next month and that it takes a month for it to show on my account. I requested another manager to speak to as the customer service provided by Bell was horrendous. I was told on many occasions that my business was important to them and that I would be taken care of.

I eventually spoke with a Manager by the name of Adrianne Gauthier, after explaining to her what we had gone through over the last 7-8 months, she inquired as to what I was looking for. I explained to the lady that since we had been for 7 months and received no service we should not have to pay for anything but I was wanted to be realistic. I requested we receive a reimbursement for the last 7months on our payments for the 2nd receiver as well as a reimbursement for the cable we had been paying for. I calculated we paid $91/mth for the satellite services plus some extras. I requested reimbursement for 7 months @ $91/mth, totaling $630.00 plus the original $60 for the horrendous customer service

Adrianne Gauthier stated she would have to speak with her supervisor (James Myers Senior Vice-President - Customer Experience). After being told she would contact me with 2 business days, it took Miss Gauthier two weeks to make any sort of contact with me. Miss Gauthier contacted me to tell me she was not going to give me any more of a refund on services not provided of more than $300.00 $60.00, which was the original offer in March. I told Miss Gauthier I was not satisfied with this and she should be refunding me for the satellite services I was not provided with in the first place. Miss Gauthier than went on to say she would be more than happy to cancel my Services and send me a check for the $360.00

I am not sure if this e-mail will do any good or get back the trust this corporation has lost by my family and I. I know my $200 payments a month to this global conglomerate are just mere pennies on the grand scale but I was hoping you could justify treating the “little guy” like just that a “Little Guy

Respectfully yours

David Singh
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Bell Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa

Category: TV & Radio


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