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Cashing a cheque not addressed to bell canada

I have been a loyal bell canada business customer for 20 years and I am greatly disappointed with how my buisness was treated, and in the manner in which the problem was NOT resolved. In may of 2010, bell canada recieved a cheque that was not addressed to them. The cheque was addressed and mailed to another company. In june 2010, i recieved my invoice from bell, and noticed that they had processed the wrong cheque. the first thing I did was call bell canada and see 1) how they managed to cash a cheque that was not processed to them 2) what could i do now to return the money to me. I was informed that at that point there was nothing I could do, because the cheques are processed by atm's and the only option I had was to go to the bank and reverse the cheque. when i went to my bank, i was told that b/c it had been over a month, I could NOT reverse the cheque.

I have since called back bell to see what options i had. I asked if i could have the balance returned to me. One agent said yes, and another said no. It was frustrating 1) because i was being told different reponses 2) because bell canada was able to deposit a cheque that was not addressed to them 3) because it seemed like bell canada was giving me the run around to get MY MONEY back! I returned to the bank to find out what my options were with them. the only way i could have the money returned was to file a legal suit which would cost me more money and time. I am a small business owner, i do not have the time and resources to follow through with a legal suit.

Finally i thought i found the answer one CSR took responsibility for bell canada's mistake and told me that I needed to file an IFACT, it was the legal department of bell canada and they were supposed to check if bell canada did in fact cash a cheque that wasn't made out to them, and if this was the case that it should be rightfully returned. I was informed that someone from IFACT would contact me. THIS NEVER HAPPENED!!! i had waited patiently for another 3 weeks, when i finally called back the CSR told me that the IFACT had determined that i need to go back to the bank and get a cheque reversal!!! You can imagine that at this point, i had enough! AS a company you need to take responsibility for cashing a cheque that WAS NOT addressed to you, and no where did i get that acknowledgement, instead i got told that because my bank allowed the cheque to be processed it was my fault! I sent you proof that the cheque was deposited by bell canada, and that it clearly was not addressed to you. Instead of getting a timely solution to the problem i got road block after road block. I asked if I could have the balance left returned to me, and was told i could not. So now, not only did bell canada not take responsibility but was not willing to return MY money. In the end, i have decide to take my business elsewhere, THIS IS THE ONLY WAY THAT I CAN HAVE MY MONEY RETURNED TO ME!


Company: Bell Canada

Country: Canada   Province: Québec

Category: Telecommunications


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