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A person I haven't seen for a while suddenly called me out of nowhere and wanted to visit me. I was very excited and even cooked for this person. I was very disappointed that the reason why they remembered calling me again is because they wanted to pitch in a business with me. Long story short I sign up. I paid $500.00 I bought the Infamous Video Phone after watching a DVD of Donald Trump. After all the Sales talk I was told in order for me to make money I have to get 3 People in and to get this people working for me, then they have to each get 3 people also and so on. Anyway just to let you know it is a PYRAMID business BULLSHIT! Nontheless. The videophone is crap, it freezes your internet once it is in use and you have to change all your providers to ACN (ie. INTERNET, HOME PHONE etc.) to get points. Also in order for the video phone to work "better" according to them is you have to switch your land line to ACN. Take note they DO NOT have a Technician of their own. They will call in case of repair is BELL CANADA. Duh! If you are making Billions of Dollars as they claim, then Why can't they hire their own Tech you might ask? Because they are just borrowing the line from Bell Canada! If this company couldn't get any worse, they will charge you for a phone that hasn't been delivered to you yet if you order. One of my customer signed up and was very unhappy. They started counting the 10 days just after his order of Videophone had processed. I wasn't aware of this too, I found out the hard way. ACN will give you 10 days to get a refund. HOW the [email protected]#k do you get a refund when they send you your order 2 days before the day lapse. Anyway my Customer never gotten his refund although he never used the phone and returned it and never gotten his refund even he never activated his phone, and my reputation Sank like a Tank. Their customer service is pathetic because they don't even know the product you are inquiring about when you call. Warning once you sign up there is no going back. You CANNOT get your money back. You CANNOT Complain because they always have a good reason for everything. Its like joining a Cult, you die if you quit the group. It's ridiculous.

Lesson number:

1. If a company is asking you to do a Pyramid somewhat business and pay them money to make money it means they do not have Investors that supports them and that means no one trust them.

2. If a company is asking you to buy their product to start in their business, it means they are very weak business provider and it means consumers do not trust and recognize their business for a reason.

3. If you don't understand it, do not join and do not pay money to understand it unless you are going to school.

4. You are a fool if you believe their BS because no one makes money that fast unless they get it from your pocket, think about it!

Let the Product speak for itself. If ACN is that good guess what (I left them 5 days after joining and I couldn't get a refund). Why is it that after 4 years since I quit and before that their product is still not in the MARKET?

Even AVON don't do that, because they are such a very strong & trusted company people apply to get the business running for them, not them trying to convince people.

Honestly if the business is any good and has a professional foundation why do you ask ordinary people to join to run it then ask for their money when you know for a fact that the poor bastard don't even know how to run a business? Why don't you wait for them to decide for themselves without pressure?

I have my own small business now, and somehow because my business is doing good others are the ones who ask me to make them a partner or at least to work for me and not the other way around. Plus I love it because I understand it.

Never sign up and never attend to their invitation, unless you like wasting you money & your time.

It is pretty straight forward if you haven't started your own business till they came along is maybe because you don't want to. So don't start now when they present it.

To make sure, ask them to give you 72 hours to think about it because trust me if your heart is not into it after 48 hours. Then it is a mistake to Join. But remember they will make you feel like s#$t if you can't make up your mind. They will ask you why don't you want to join like you actually owe them an explanation. They will make you feel like you're the one who wasted their time. So if you think you won't do it. DO NOT GO TO THE INVITATION! I repeat DO NOT GO TO THE INVITATION! or you'll feel like Crap after. That's why I sign up because I felt obligated.

Now if you choose to Join prepare yourself to attend meetings every week at least 2 a week, forget that you have kids and family gatherings and get going with the recruitment because they will pressure you and will give you a time frame to do it. It is like working a 9 to 5 job only you have to pay for it and not get paid at all by abiding them (which I think is stupid). Remember you will only call your business YOUR OWN once you are calling the shots in your own time and in your own terms and making money as soon as you put out money to start it but if someone else is still telling you what to do then guess what, you're so called BUSINESS is still not yours it's theirs.

The funny part is you have to pay them to TELL YOU what to do. In that case I rather work for McDonalds. At least they will give me benefits.



Company: ACN

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Toronto

Category: Telecommunications


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