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  • Student Pro Movers (aka) Real Canadian Movers (aka) Guiseppe Moving - National Ripoff Scam -Movers don't actually move your stuff....they use it to cross the border for possible drug exportation / truck seized at WA Blaine Border April 2005 | #16083

Complaint / review / scam report
Student Pro Movers (aka) Real Canadian Movers (aka) Guiseppe Moving
National Ripoff Scam -Movers don't actually move your stuff....they use it to cross the border for possible drug exportation / truck seized at WA Blaine Border April 2005

I hired Student Pro Movers, met with Dwayne Lock at my place in Richmond BC and signed my contract on March 19th 2005. My husband and I agreed to pay in full on our Visa, Dwayne put through the charge to a local down town store called "Burrard Convenient Store" we pre-paid $ 1680.00 cad so we could start paying it off quickly.

Our pick up date for our furniture was April 16th, I had requested that Student Pro Movers (SPM) hold my things in storage until April 20th and then to deliver my goods to Anchorage Alaska on April 23rd 2005.

I kept calling SPM to verify my things were on the way but all I got was excuses at first and then weeks of them saying my things were on their way -only never to arrive.
I called the BC Protection Agency and had an investigator get involved as well as the local RCMP Police. They called SPM for me and were told that my things had never left after a month and a half of waiting and that my things were in a Richmond Storage Warehouse called "Access Storage" at River Road and Number 5 Rd. I then received a call from Dwayne at SPM saying that he would have my things delivered by May 24th 2005 and that he personally guarantee's my things will arrive along with a cheque for $ 500.00 cad for my troubles.
May 24th came and passed -no driver, no truck nothing.
At this point the company is ignoring all my calls so I call the RCMP again, the Cst calls and asks Dwayne where are my things.

Dwayne then says "Tell Mr. Hendrix he can come and get his F***** stuff himself. (How nice of them) so my husband and I decide we can't do much from here in Anchorage so I buy a ticket for Monday June 13th -on June 1st, I call Dwayne and told him I will be personally flying down on June 13th and that I would like to meet with him. I ask him will I get my money back that I paid, he said yes (I said all of it) -Yes!!! He said he would have a cheque ready for me. I said great, I get in Monday night so I would like to meet with you so the next day I can go to YOUR bank to cash it, then on Tuesday June 14th I would like to make arrangements to meet you at the storage facility so I can hire another company to help me load up the U-haul truck. He said ok but I can't meet until after 3 pm. He said "Oh by the way I have lost the keys to your locker, so I will have to cut your lock" I said -is this going to be a problem? He said "no, they said that they have done it before....

I called each week to remind Dwayne of our arrangements...
The last week just before I was take off I called Dwayne at SPM and the phone rang and went straight into voicemail the whole entire day!!! I said to my husband well I have the ticket anyway so I'm still going.
I fly in on Monday June 13th 2005, try to call SPM and the phone goes right into voicemail but the box is full.
So I pull out my contract and decide to go to the address on it -only to find it's an abandoned house in West Van.
Then I decide to go to Burrard Convenient Store only to find it closed during regular business hours with a sign saying "Closed due to family Emergency".

Then I decide to go to the owner's house of SPM, 1272 Connaught Drive in Shaunessy Area in Vancouver...as I walk up the walkway there is surveillance camera's on each side of me. I get to the front porch were it is visible that someone has opened some mail that is laying by the front door so I decide to take picture's of all three places I visited. I then go to the RCMP that is handling my file -only for them to tell me it's a civil case and they can not help me!!! The next day I decide to go to the storage facility "Access Storage" were SPM stores their clients things.

The first day I had no luck because I don't know my locker number and this company has several lockers and they are not willing to cut all the locks for me. So I go home dissapointed, it's not bad enough the company has left town (Cancun Mexico)-I was told by an investigator, I feel like I flew down for nothing.

But the next day I get a call from Access Storage and the owner has said that some of those units have a cage on the top, maybe you might be able to identify some of your things so we can know which locker your stuff is in. So they ask me to come back down.

When I get there Al is going through the security log, he asks me what is the exact date and time they left your house with your things, so I tell him. I also said "I filled a 3 ton truck" so they would need a good size locker. He said SPM logged into the security about 3 or 4 times that day.

He guessed on what locker was mine, Al the owner and his wife & myself go to the locker and they cut the lock. "I can bearly get out the words to say that it's my stuff". The owner then tests me on some things that he can only see but from the angle that I was on I would not be able to see. I answer them correct and then say to him -well if you turn around you can see my name written all over the boxes as we laugh.

I hired a good company at this point to load my things onto a U-haul truck. My husband flies down and he and I drive our things up to Anchorage Alaska from BC Canada ourselves.

We are currently still out the money we paid up front but are in the process of disputing these charges and now we are preparing for legal action. The next day after I arrive, I receive a phone call from my sister and she says "Guess what's on the front page of our newspaper" -Student Pro Movers had a truck seized at the WA Blaine Border for Drug's stuffed into the sofa's. The driver Kevin Yensen is standing trial July 25th 2005.
I said you know what I noticed the underneath of my couches were slashed and the other torn, so I get up and grab my flash light to see if I can find any evidence still in my couches.

I find nothing but I can definately tell my couches have been tampered with, whether there were drugs in them or about to go in them I can not tell but I wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised...since I got home the media has been contacting me and we aired this on TV -people from all of the place are coming forward also being victims of this same company.

I recently learned that "Student Pro Mover's" is owned by Guiseppe Bugge (he also own's 5 other company's)
The guy he has running things is named "Dwayne Lock" and the woman that own's Burrard Convenient Store is called Katrina Langille (also girlfriend of Guiseppe the owner of SPM)

Lots of interesting stories have been pouring in, and we are considering doing a class action law suit against these people and the company's they run....
Hopefully we can bring this nightmare to an end!!!!!

Anchorage, Alaska
Author: Contact with Author

Offender: Student Pro Movers (aka) Real Canadian Movers (aka) Guiseppe Moving

Country: Canada   Province: British Columbia   City: Vancouver
Address: 1272 Connaught Drive Vancouver BC
Phone: 6046871173

Category: Shops, Products, Services


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