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Elite Property Management Ltd Saskatoon
Dad service and cheating

This is about my bad experience of looking for an apartment for rent from this company. They announced there is 1bedroom apartment available from May 1. When I went to see apartment at April 4th Monday afternoon, the pople show us apartment said there are 7 apartment available, so don't worry, you will get one. I was quite like their apartment, so I think I will just take this one and didn't go for others I looked before. Then Tuesday 5th morning 9AM, I submitted my application form to company's office by myself, the young lady in reception take the paper and put it aside, didn't ask me any questions. I was suprised and asked "when will I know the result? " The lady said" it will take 3 business days" Then I asked" will you inform me or call me so that I can know? " "No, we won't call you, you can call us Thursday morning" . The lady answered.

Okay, then I just wait. Thursday morning, I called, a little old lady said she couldn't find my information in computer system, I asked do you have my application? She said, yes, it's here. But its still in process, you can call Friday. Okay, I thought Friday, it's still reseanable for 3 business days. Friday morning, I called, how's going my application? no results showed in computer. I asked do you still have room available in this address,

"Yes" do you know whether I can get this apartment? The old lady said" there's no garantee". Then afternoon around 4PM, I called again, still no results. This time it's the young lady pick the phone. I said it's already passed 3 business days and there should be some result for my application, if it's not approved, I can start to look other apartment, if i keep waiting and finally I couldn't get one, at same time, other apartments will be gone as well. I hope they can understand my situation. They young lady said, it's depends on reference check, if fast, it might just 1 hour to be done. Then she said I will call you back Monday morning 10AM. Okay, I was kind of release, and wait till Monday. No body call me. Monday noon, I called them, the young lady even didn't mentioned she didn't call me, just said the people are busy on taking client to the house, they will be back afternoon 3PM. Then I called 3:30PM again, the old lady pick up the phone this time, and said, there's no my information in computer yet. I said, do you get my application form? ( I forget she said yes before) do i need fax again? ( I thought they might lost my paper). The old lady said it's might good to fax them again. Then I faxed my application form again and called them, the young lady pick up the phone and said"we recieved it, it will take 3 business days" what? I was so shocked and said"I submitted my application last Tuesday and you told me last Thursday I can call you. Since this is not I submit it now, it shouldn't go for another 3 days. Can you please accelerate my application? Can I call you tomorrw? " "Okay". I was so upset about their service and realizer the two ladys in reception doens't solve problems at all. So Tuesday morning I called and said I want to talk to the people who in charge of reviewing application, so that I can know what's really going on? The young lady sadi same thing again, they went out showing apartment for client and will be back afternoon 2:30PM. Then afternoon 3PM I called, the young lady said they are in meeting now. Then I said: can I talk to your manager? The young lady asked, what's your name? I told her again, she said, your application is not approved. I asked why? She said"we don't tell reason". I said "I asked my references, you didn't call them at all, why you decline my application? I had good reputation at my past, can I talk to your manager? " She asked my phone, and said she will leave a message and let manager call me back.

I don't believe her anymore, although I told her my phone and actually, no boday call me back at all. Tuesday evening I felt so unfair and called office again, the old lady pick up the phone, I asked "do you have apartment available at ...address? " She checked and said "yes", I asked can you find my information in your computer? "No". I asked "then why another lady said my application was rejected? " She said" oh, if she said that, then it should be rejected" I asked reason again and still no good answer. I gave up finally...

The thing I am really angry is if you say 3 busniness days, you should follow that rule, if I didn't get apartment after 3 days, I still have no complain. But you just delay and delay, and didn't go through process at all, I asked my references, no on contact them at all. When I am waiting your results more than one week, I missed other apartment and finally I have to go to find a room in a house. The bad thing is I even can't find their manager to complain, I wrote email, the answer just is" sorry, your application didnot approved".

This is the bad service I ever had. And the bad thing is this company has many apartments/house for rent in Saskatoon, my colleague now face the same thing when he is applying their another apartment, he submitted application last Thursday, 3 business days was told again, now one week passed, he called, the young lady said, call tomorrow, that's Friday.
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Offender: Elite Property Management Ltd Saskatoon

Country: Canada   Province: Saskatchewan   City: Saskatoon

Category: Real Estate


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