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Pladec Day Care

My 3 year old daughter had been attending Pladec Daycare at the 349 Mack Street location since September, 2011. My husband, and I are separated and she had been residing with him more than myself. We agreed that this daycare was at a great location as it is close to where we both live.

My estranged husband and I were working together for our little girl's needs without a Legal Custody/Access agreement. This agreement was working

Perfectly up until I received a phone call from Kingston Children’s Aid Society on February 6, 2012. The C.A.S. worker had received a referral about my little girl and said to me: ‘You are neglecting to help her meet her academic needs and I need to speak with you.’ I thought ‘academic needs? ’ I said to him:

‘I don’t understand what you mean? I am at work all day and she is in daycare, all day! ’

For the longest time, at least twice a week, I asked the daycare teacher, who seemed to be the one who worked with my little girl the most, ‘How is she doing? ’

I got the same reply: ‘She is doing very well. She is participating in group, she recognizes content of a sentences, knows what names of colours are and really

Enjoys art! ’ This teacher was not the only person to tell me how ‘well’ my child was doing. I didn’t get the name of the other ladies but they said she was progressing

Really well. Just a couple of months ago, we collaborated on helping my child get out of wearing Pull-Ups. I agreed that we would send her to school without a pull-up and she would only wear a Pull-Up at nap time. This seemed to be working. I was pleased as I’m sure her father was too.

This proactive approach was a good thing for her. I believe it is for any child

Back to the call from C.A.S. on February 6/12. I first of all didn’t understand how I could be neglecting my child's academic needs when I am being told how well she

Is doing. Second: Why was I the only parent being accused of negligence? So, I arranged to meet with the acting Daycare Supervisor on February 7th/12 to get her input about how she

Feels my child is doing. She reiterated what the teacher had told me: That my child is doing very well. She is progressing. BUT, her only concern was that she felt my little girl had a bit of a

Speech delay. I was taken aback by this comment because no one ever mentioned it to myself or my husband until February 7th. Both he and I read books with her and

Weren’t experts on linguistics of a three year old so we didn’t think anything of it as my child will mumble sometimes then in the next sentence she will say clearly ‘Mommy, I’m

Going to play on the carpet now.’

The Day care Supervisor and I discussed getting my child set up in Speech Pathology and that there is a program offered via the Daycare. I agreed. It would only help her so I asked to have her signed up right away. It was in this same

Conversation that I asked the Supervisor if she would call C.A.S. for something like a speech delay? Especially since I wasn’t aware that it was an issue until that day. The Supervisor said that

isn’t something they would do. I felt that it wouldn’t make sense because we have open communication and have always addressed my child's needs and not once was a speech

Delay mentioned. If it had been, I would have gotten her the help she needed as neither her father nor I want to see her struggle with anything!

On February 8/12 I met with the C.A.S worker at my apartment at 5:00pm My eldest daughter was there as a support. She is 22 years old. Up until one hour before the C.A.S. meeting, my husband was

Not going to be present. He called and told me he wanted to be there; that he was told by C.A.S. to be there so I didn’t think anything of it.

The meeting commenced and the C.A.S worker got right to the point of the meeting: My little girl has a speech delay. I told him right away that I had NO idea that this was an issue? How can I be negligent

Of something I wasn’t even aware was a problem? In my mind, I put two and two together and realized it MUST have been the Daycare Supervisor that did phone and report it. Somethe else troubled me: Not once during the C.A.S visit

Did the C.A.S. worker even look at my husband. I felt like he somehow set this up.

The C.A.S worker went with my child to look at her room. I was hurt and felt betrayed by the daycare Supervisor because I felt she lied to me. I simply said ‘I can’t believe she lied to me. Why would she do that? I knew it was her

That called.’..My husband said ‘You can’t prove that it was her. You’ll never know who called. You’ll never find out.’..My older daughter said ‘I’ll find out.’…My husband replies ‘What are you gonna do? Corner her? ’…She says ‘Sure. Why not’

That paragraph has had an impact on both the Daycare Supervisor and my child. Here’s why: After the meeting wrapped up, my husband took our little girl back to his place. That was the LAST time I saw my little girl. I’ve seen her twice since February 8.

On February 9/12, around 2:00pm, a Kingston Police Officer showed up at my work. We went into the board room. The Constable said ‘He got a report from my husband that my oldest daughter and I were

Going to go to the Daycare, corner the Supervisor and beat her up.’… My husband embellished what was actually said in the previous paragraph. My oldest daughter has it on video. I NEVER once ever thought badly of of the Supervisor, I never had a problem with anyone

From Pladec. In fact, I really like Pladec! It provides a great learning environment. Well, since the Supervisor got this information; that my daughter and I were going to go hurt her, she hasn’t let my little girl back into Pladec out of fear that I will show up!

My estranged husband has created such a mess for the Supervisor and my child. Also, this has tarnished my reputation as person and a parent! I am not violent and did not say what my estranged husband stated. My oldest daughter said ‘Sure, why not’ out of response

To what my husbandhad said. I can assure you that my oldest daughters comment was a knee-jerk reaction and she would NEVER hurt anybody. Also, the Constable told me that 'Your husband is REFUSING to let you see your little girl until

legal paperwork goes through’… As we do not have a legal custody/access agreement, he has been able to keep my child from me for NO REASON! So, Since February 8, I have seen her twice and that is because I arranged a visit at the C.A.S

Building. They said they are not obligated to provide these visits and have not arranged another one. This has been the worst ordeal of my life. When my little girl walked into the room at C.A.S., she stared at me for 30 seconds as if she

Couldn’t belive it was actually me she was looking at. Her eyes widened and she yelled ‘MOMMY! ’ then ran to me and gave me a big hug. Our visit was for 1 ½ hour. Angie, I can’t even hear her voice because I was advised by the Police

NOT to go near my husband's place or call as he could turn around and use it against me. My heart is broken and I’m managing but all of this should not have happened. In the interim, not only is my child not getting the so badly needed Speech Pathology

But now she’s not getting any educational stimulus! This is all based on a false accusation and an embellished comment..

Since that time, I have found out that my husband DID know about a speech delay concern. He was told in December/11. He told the daycare that he will deal with it in the new year. He never told me. Then I find out that it wasn't the daycare supervisor that called in the referral but the on-site Speech Pathologist. I feel that she should be held accountable for her misconduct. She should have followed some sort of ethical protocol. She should have: ( 1) Made an appointment with BOTH my husband and myself (2) Explained what her concern was and had it on paper (3) Ensured that both my husband and I UNDERSTOOD what her concern was and had us both sign off on a Speech Pathology Program for our little girl to start in (4) Should not call C.A.S. unless after the first 3 steps were taken and then either of us had refused to help our child, then and only then call in a referral of 'negligence'. It was her negligence that needs to be addressed. So, I still don't have my daughter, I have suffered severe emotional distress because of this and have jumped through major hoops just trying to get my little girl back in my life. Why should someone whose profession is dealing with children allowed to get away with something this serious? In an attempt to protect my little girl from my 'negligence', this has caused worse damage to her than what they had accused me of.


Company: Pladec Day Care

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Kingston

Category: Education & Science


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