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Dance Studio
Private Dance Studio disregards parents concerns and dismisses child from attending program

If anyone is wanting to attend a dance studio in Airdrie, Alberta I would like to warn everyone, that unless you have a child who already has a high self esteem, do not put them here, because they will not get the recognition they deserve and they will not continue to have fun and grow. Please do not give your hard earned money to S.B.D.C. The owner/Director of the studio is a spoiled young lady who perceives herself as perfect and only wants the best to attend her "SPECIAL PRIVATE DANCE SCHOOL". She bought the studio from the previous owner (who was wonderful) a few years ago and from then on the reputation of that studio has become one of "snob hill", which goes directly with who the owner is and stands for. My daughter attended this studio for many years, I paid a great deal to have her attend this studio and always incurred the costs, was always in attendance at all the fundraising events, which I may add did not go towards any of my daughters training. The motto for this school is if I like you and your mom I will move you forward, doesn't matter if you have dance training or not, all she thinks about is what that child can do for her... some children had no previous dance training and she put them in classes way above my daughter and other children who have been training with her for years and they have worked darn hard to get where they are with absolutely no recognition. So when I wrote a lengthy letter of concern for my child and tried to discuss the points of helping my daughter along with self esteem issues and keeping her with friends and moving forward with those same students, and maybe incurring a little more help as each child develops and has very different interests and learns differently, is this so wrong to try to explain to an owner who has never trained your child I may say, how she would do better and how she requires further challenges and maybe she is not getting the appropriate attention for her to be able to move forward. The response I received was in total defense to herself, all she had to explain to me was she had this type of dance training and that type of degree and this type of dance education and her school is the best and her students are the best and her teachers are the best blah blah blah, then she had the nerve to inform me that she will not be taking registration from my daughter this year. So instead of discussing further like a mature adult with a concerned parent, she dismissed my child with a handwave. I then attempted to email her back explaining my letter was not meant get her so defensive and I asked as a mature adult if we could take a step back, start over and if she would please give me a call. She has chosen to ignore me!!! after 4 years of attending her school, if she is able to dismiss an 11 year old child because of a letter that a concerned parent wrote and that she claims she very much enjoyed and saw potential in that same child and as a parent we all want to protect our children from being hurt, then really is this the place you want your child to attend dance training?? So anytime in the future if you have a question, and you challenge her on her teaching skills watch out you may just be kicked out. I also would like to say that in the 4 years we attended that studio, not once did she talk personally to me face to face nor did she ever just stop to say hi while I waited to pick up my child, I do not recall ever even getting a smile out of her, only once did she call me and that's because I kept calling, her emailed responses are very defensive to all patrons, and not polite what so ever. She is very young, has no business sense and is extremely rude. It's a shame that my child has to start at new school, meet new kids, new teachers, and once again get over her shyness when she was making such good friends, but then again why would I continue to pay and support a program that does not support my own child. This goes to show how immature this young dance studio owner is, and of course goes to show that she has no children of her own and disregards the parents concerns and turns this all on to her own self. Again I stress to you if you love your children and would like them to dance but also have fun this is NOT the place for them.


Company: Dance Studio

Country: Canada   Province: Alberta   City: Airdrie

Category: Education & Science


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