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Everest College
Unethical treatment

Administration employee whom attended a meeting with myself and her superior whom I complained to about serving the remainder of clinical hours for a psw course I took with this college, changed the plan at the last minute because she was angry that I had gone above her to complete my hours, and when the time arrived to serve the hours, she doubled them, and stated she didn't agree with her supervisors decision, and that nothing I can do about it since supervisor transferred, and I had to do what she said now. Well I served the amount of hours she requested, but now she is withholding my NACC cert., and my diploma now, because she states she doesn't recognise the signatures. I invited her to call the director of care to verify immediately because I need the certificate and diploma for a job interview the next day. She stated when she got around to it, I could have it. I looked like a fool at the interview trying to explain this to a potential employer. I called the school the next day, and was told sorry we're having a BBQ today, and she's attending it, call back again! Funny thing is whenever I call this girl gets someone to say she's busy, or not there, but, if I block my number and get my husband to call she answers right away. This is no game, it's my life, and this girl holds a position of great importance and uses it to her advantage, to manipulate students, and to cause them hardships when she doesn't like them. I have since missed out on two jobs due to this one person at the college I attend. One employer actually stated that if I was an Everest student she didn't want me as an employee, fortunately she liked my attitude enough to at least give me an interview, of which I went to today, and without my credentials from Everest because this girl will not release them to me, again because she states she's not satisfied with the signatures in my passbook, and refuses to call the director of care that signed them, so I can get on with my life. Last but not least, when my husband delivered this passbook to her, she shared it with secretary in front of my husband, and they were giggling together while they read my passbook, she then approached my husband asking who's' signatures these were, and he answered, they were the ones she asked for from the director of care, she then laughed again and said to my husband, well I don't recognise them, so she has a wait before she gets her certificate or diploma if she gets them at all, because i think she still had some hours to do in long term care. I completed my hours with a signature from my preceptor, and attended the facility this girl sent me to, to do 140 hours instead of the agreed upon 80 hours her prior superior had arranged with me, with her in the room, and she didn't object then, but as soon as that superior was out of the picture, this girl changed everything, and said oh well, I didn't agree to that, this is what I want, do it or leave the course, I don't care either way! This girl has made my life a living hell, while abusing her position at Everest college, and is still doing it right now. I'm also worried now too because she mentioned something about dropping me even at this point. Someone please tell me who I can talk to about this abuse of power, before she ruins my life, and many others are having similar difficulties with this girl.


Company: Everest College

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Hamilton

Category: Education & Science


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