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Trans Globe Property management
Demanded money i didn't owe

To save Money i had to move to more affordable accomidations so that i could afford the basic needs of life and with my new son there was really no other option. after a long time waiting for the right place to come up one finally comes up, so i see the place etc... however if i don't get it as of july i wouldn't get it so i was told. I then approached a transglobe representative about my situation and blam rudeness, so i asked what my options were because i needed the place for july but they demanded 60 days and i couldn't afford to pay for to units for two months considering i had to pay first and last for the new one 60 days won't work. Then the representative suggest that if i paid a smaller fee that he called a late notice fee then they could make it so that i was already filed in my 60 day period and that it would end as of june (as i told him mid may). The end of june comes up so i go throught the unit with the representative as per their rules and it passes fine and he got his fee for the late notice and he tells me were good to go. So late august comes up and my co-signer calls asking about a months rent i owe trans globe, the first thing that comes to mind was that we were told after our year lease was up our co-signer was off the hook for us and secondly why they called him and not me since i gave them my new phone number. So i go back the representative and the building manager and now the story is flipped and the story the fed me cannot even be explained because it makes no sense but here is what i was told " the late fee was for admistration only because you told us late and the 60 day period is from june to july and july is your last month you already paid for but you owe june still". The problem with this arguement is that if my 60 day notice was june and july and i told them mid may then i in fact did not give late notice. I had no choice but to pay it because in a mere 3 days from when i was informed they had planned to take my co-signer to court and ruin his credit which was perfect. The biggest problem with this picture is i am not alone because after doing some research i found that transglobe in fact lies and makes mistakes all the time but never pays up for them and we suffer for it. People who rent in general are people who can't afford a house and i would love a house but with businesses like transglobe holding me back i may never get there and as such this business should stripped apart and the rules of renting should be 90% in favor of the tenant since they are at more risk of poverty. My advice would be to never rent from anyone who owns more than a couple units since a small business knows the costs in law and will back off to avoid them were as the larger ones have there own personal lawyers that will hunt every last case no matter the size. If this business has any morals they will change there ways and get with the program and they will refund me that months rent they claim i owe.


Company: Trans Globe Property management

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Listowel

Category: Real Estate


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