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Trever Goble
Illegal representation of leasing apartment

To the Public at Large!

Trever Goble SCAM!!!

Watch Out Students!

My name is Shea Gilbert. Mid-May i put a posting on Kijiji looking for a place to rent.

Mr. Trever Goble replied to my add on Kijiji by email, claiming to have a place that i could rent. The place in question was; 285 Ste Denis St. Vanier, Ontario, K0L 1C0, Apartment 3. I went to view the place, and signed and filled out ALL my information on what looked like a legit application form.

I was asked to make out a money order for seven hundred dollars to Mr R Sobti to cover first months rent for June.

I did not have the money at the time to pay for June, and asked if i could pay later for July. Mr Goble said that would be fine. Come mid June I e-mailed Mr Goble asking him when he wanted the money. He replied saying that I would no longer be doing a money order instead would be doing a western union money transfer with the information below, as stated by Mr. Goble in the email:

Sender: Shea Gilbert

Recipient: B Markle

Address: 110 main street, Bancroft, Ontario, K0L 1C0

Telephone: 613-740-0101

"no identification required"

Security question: what is it for?

Security answer: a place to live

My family and I thought this odd of a buisness man like this.

I did so out of desperation for a place to live and under a personal assumption that this request was due to the canada post strike, and that a money order would not be able to be mailed in time to be received by Mr. Sobti as to be able to move in for July.

On June 27 2011 I did the money transfer and kept the receipt. I e-mailed the details including the fact that Identification would be required to receive the funds. as I became suspicious. He asked for my number in case there were any issues involving the money. I gave him my number. I then e-mailed him the next day asking if the money was received and if I would be able to move in soon. there was no reply. I proceeded sending e-mails inquiring to whether or not the money went through and when i could move in. I still did not receive a reply. On July 5th 2011 i went to 285 Ste Denis st. Apt. 3 in hopes of getting ahold of him in person and finding out what was going on. there was no one home and it did not look as if anyone was living there. I then asked a man who was sitting on the front porch if he knew if Mr. Goble had moved out already. he said that no one lived there anymore. iIthen explained that i was under the impression that i was to be moving in and asked for the landlords, Mr Sobti, phone number. The man kindly gave me the number. I called Mr Sobti and asked what was going on, explaining that i was the one who was suppose to be moving in all based on my transactions with Mr. Goble!

Mr. Sobti had no idea who I was or anything about Mr. Goble renting the apartment out to anyone without his autorization, and that Mr. Goble had actually been evicted! He then informed me, and I then realized that i had fallen for a scam.

On my way home i received a phone call from Mr. Markle, as he was asked to come back to Ottawa by Mr Sobti to sort this out as a favor for me and Mr. Sobti, and he drove with a family member all the way to Ottawa to help me solve this.

I had only briefly met Mr. Brian Markle in May when after i had finished signing the rental application forms with Mr. Goble.

I agreed to meet with Mr. Markle and explain my situation. I explained that i was asked to do a western money Transfer, Unknowingly, using his Name and phone number.without his knownledge or approval, and i showed him the receipt and he reassured me he had nothing to do with any of this.

We then both made our way to the police station and filled a report explaining everything where an investigation into Mr. Goble's scam was launched.

Before Mr. markle left, as a favor, I asked him if he would bring me to "Cash Money" to check the status of the money transfer to find out if it had been claimed yet. The money had not been Claimed, and and thanks to Mr. Markle, I got all my money back!

In summary i would like to clarify that although Brian Markle's name and telephone number are marked on the receipt of the transfer and as the recipient, as instructed by Mr. Goble. Mr. Markle was in no way involved in this Fraudulent activity by Mr. Goble as I explained to Police! He was a big help in sorting out everything that happened.

For the record, Mr. Goble was not only evicted by the tenant board, but fined $700.00 dollars for non payement of rent for 3 months!


Thank you,

Shea Gilbert


Company: Trever Goble

Country: Canada   Province: Ontario   City: Ottawa

Category: Lawyers & Legal Counseling


December 03, 2021 01:36 AM
Hello, my name is Trevor Goble and Shea Gilbert who says he was scammed but if one really reads it he admits that (1) I did move out, (2) he received the money sitting at western union (money mart) right where he deposited it (which would preclude that I took off with it-and him being scammed) and (3) signed a lease with Sobiti and (4) Brian Markle was the contact (as I was directed).

I can't comment on what Brian Markle knew or didn't know from Sobiti but that was my instructions from Sobiti.

I did move out, I was never fined for $700 for 3 months rent...because the rent was $700. In fact, I helped the man leaving my security deposit so he could transition and I moved out on the 1st like most people do.

So can someone tell me were is the scam since his money was still were he sent it? I certainedly didn't take it because it was sent in Brian's name so I couldn't withdraw it...why....BECAUSE YOU NEED ID. Which is why Brian had to go with Shea to collect it.
December 03, 2021 01:43 AM
Pro tip: If the person doesn't receive the money, it's not a scam!
But oddly enough, one only needs to google "Brian Markle" to learn that he has been involved in scams.
Hm. I wonder...
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