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Global Premiere IT - Encore Promotions - Charles Debono - Jeff Freedman - Jeff Roop - Stephen Burman
Global Premiere IT - Encore Promotions - Charles Debono -Jeff Freedman - Jeff Roop - Stephen Burman Customer Service Jeff Roop, Web Developer Stephen Burman, Marketing Trainer Jeff Freedman, National Marketing Director, Toronto

RE: Global Premiere I.T Ltd, Encore Promotions, Charles Debono, Jeff Freedman, Jeff Roop, Stephen Burman
Global Premiere I.T. Ltd
Since 1996
Administration Office (mail only)
22 Commerce Park Drive Unit C-1 Suite 149
Barrie, Ontario L4N 8W8 Canada
[email protected]
Global Training Facility
579 Kingston Rd Suite 113
Toronto, Ontario M4E 1R3
Las Vegas Adult Entertainment Ltd
Steve Johansen (Full Guarantee on Investment)
Global Premiere Ltd also enjoys relationships with All Stream, AT&T Canada, Pornholio, PSW Billing, TC Canada Trust, National Franchise Show, National Business Opportunities Bureau

Charles Debono, Customer Service??? Jeff Roop, Web Developer??? Stephen Burman, Marketing Trainer??? Jeff Freedman, National Marketing Director???
Read this report to understand the sole purpose for the existence of Global Premiere I.T Ltd and Encore Promotions.

First of all, congratulations to N Everywhere Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia, for being the first one to come out and make his frustrations known on the world wide web. Tell it like it is dude. Check his rip off report at this link:
And make sure you read the Charles Debono rebuttal there as well, for what it's worth.

Now, as far as Mr. Charles Debono rebuttal.. SIMPLY SHMUTTAL!!! Global sites definitely are copies.. there is a distinct difference in a web site front page, and site content.. let's be specific here.. the content is absolutely identical to many, if not all Global Premiere adult sites, and content is what I paid for and so have many other Global franchise owner/operators like myself.. but how can they sell the same identical product over and over exclusively to many different franchise owner/operators? In their own words, unique and different content.

And about Global's many other empty promises? Simply crap and stalling techniques to make you go away discouraged and forget about your hard earned dollars that I believe are now, wrongfully, in the pockets of Charles Debono, Jeff Freedman, Jeff Roop, Stephen Burman.

I have performed my duties as a franchise owner/operator religiously for beyond a reasonable length of time, and still NO PAY.

In my opinion, this scam was so obviously set up for Global Premiere I.T. Ltd and Encore Promotions and their close affiliates to make BIG MONEY on the up front franchise fees only. Guess what! Franchise fees come from my pocket and go into theirs. Why do you think they wanted their first 2 monthly hosting fees right up front along with the initial web site purchase money?

Think about this if a franchise selling company, like Global Premiere I.T, put you through an intensive interview process to make sure you would qualify as a new franchise owner, and you weren't making any money whatsoever in several months, wouldn't they at least be contacting you in an effort to find out why and offer their paid for help and advice?

In my opinion, if this was a legit deal, they, Global Premiere I.T. Ltd and Encore Promotions, should be concerned about their long term investment in any and all of their franchise owner/operators for future income purposes. In their own words We make commission from all of your sales and, We only build money making sites. What sales are they referring to???

Not once did I ever receive a phone call, email, or any other form of communication from Charles Debono, our self-appointed customer service representative, in regard to this very important item. As a matter of fact, not once did I ever receive a phone call from anyone with Global Premiere I.T. Ltd and/or Encore Promotions for any reason, even after I left several voice mail messages asking them for business related information, assistance or advice. And in their email responses, when they do respond that is, to my legit questions and concerns, they simply hedge around the issues with no direct answers or solutions, and they try to intimidate you at the same time. As a matter of fact, no one ever directly answers the telephone at any of their contact phone numbers. Can they not afford a receptionist?

And what about the 24 hour toll free support line that was such a BIG DEAL offered up by Jeff Freedman during his hyped-up business opportunity presentation? Neither Jeff Freedman, Jeff Roop, Charles Debono, and especially Stephen Burman, understand the meaning of support, so how can they possibly market something they absolutely do not provide?

As for Global Premiere I.T. Ltd and Encore Promotions' contract/agreement, there are so many breaches in it that I lost count. But that's okay, as professionals are doing a better job of counting.

Stephen Burman's marketing training consists of nothing more than guiding you through a couple of search engine submissions and showing you how to set up an email account. If you're not already experienced in this field, then good luck! Isn't marketing training part of the turn key business?

Jeff Roop's ability to design a proper searchable web site is absolutely inferior to say the least. Ask any reputable web developer to take a look at your Global Premier adult franchise web site and just watch their reaction.

Jeff Freedman's marketing skills are nothing more than telling you just what you want to hear. It's a whole different story when you get down to the contract/agreement. This is when you will get your first hint of empty promises.

So it's most obvious to me that Encore Promotions make their money right up front and that's all they give a damn about PERIOD!!! Well that's just not Canadian! It is, very simply, deceiving innocent people!

I hope my comments and concerns here, in some way, stimulate other dissatisfied Global Premiere franchise owner/operators like myself to come forward and put a stop to the crooked practices of the aforementioned and hold them responsible and accountable for their actions to date.

And since you've read this far, here is a link of similar interest:





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