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Credit Approval Fiasco

Ah Tepperman's London. Where do I start. I spent a half hour with my brother, fighting through busy streets only to be faced with more time wasted, Poor unfriendly customer service and heartless embarrassing treatment.

London is known for it's wonderful flora and fauna of erratic, dangerous and flatout careless drivers. Getting to Teppermans was annoying (30 minutes from central London, that's ridiculous) but obviously not the main reason of my writing. It just added to an already miserable experience, so I thought I'd mention it.

My brother finally get's us there, I make it to their information desk and let them know that I had started an "account" to be verified for financing a set of six Yamaha wifi speakers and a reciever for 995$ (originally 1300$. ) She couldn't locate my account and said my order wasn't in the computer. I regave her my phone number, my address and then we established that my name was spelled wrong in the computer (I spelled it out for the lady on the phone) Okay, information retreived - off to the races... not so fast.

Because I don't have a driver's license and my photo ID was 2 months expired, she then asks me for more varification that I am who I say I am. I give her my HEALTH card. The lady she calls tells me the health card is NOT a government affiliated article and is basically deemed useless in this situation...

I have on the counter TWO cards with my face on it (one expired had my address on it from 5 months ago... IN LONDON) I gave her TWO more credit cards, both with near perfect standing (13 thousand credit on one, 5 thousand on the other!) and this was not enough.

She basically looked at me like I was a low life, with no liscense, and no way to prove my worthiness for a purchase at their fine establishment.

I can see a stringent credit approval process for a car or, say, a mortgage. But stereo speakers? Come on Tepperman's..

I work all week, I make good money - I wanted to treat myself to a nice stereo system (of which I could have easily bought UP FRONT) but because of this unsmiling, tired, annoyed-looking woman's treatment and non caring attitude towards helping me make the puchase - I think I'll skip the whole financing process all together, save up the money for a few weeks and just go to BestBuy or Leon's and give THEM my money. Thanks for the big waste of time and making me feel like a second class citezen in my own country Tepperman's. You'll never get a dollar from me.


Company: Teppermans

Country: Canada

Category: Business & Finance


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